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Alternatives To Gmail To Use Email Privately And Not Be Tracked [ 2021 ]



Alternatives To Gmail,Alternatives To Gmail To Use Email Privately And Not Be Tracked

Gmail is known to everyone as the most popular Email service today. This Google platform has multiple options and is available for many operating systems, either in the form of an application or directly through the Web version.

Although in recent years it has improved in terms of privacy and security, for example, with confidential mode, many users do not fully trust. That is why we are going to give some alternatives to Gmail to use email privately and securely during 2019.

We are going to name some exciting options. We already saw how to send large files by email.

Alternatives to Gmail based on security and privacy


OpenMailBox is a great alternative to Gmail if we want to have a service based on security and privacy. On their website, we can see how they report that these are their basic pillars. They ensure that they have worked hard to create an email platform that allows their users always to be safe and to send emails with complete confidentiality.

It is independent of other platforms, and in this way, they can ensure that user data is not shared with anyone. It should be mentioned that it has a free and paid option. Of course, the first is more than enough for ordinary users, and they have all the guarantees regarding security and privacy.

First, we can have 5GB of free storage. Surely for everyday use of sending and receiving emails is more than enough. So This is the best Gmail alternative for you.


One of the most popular alternatives to Gmail if we talk about having security and privacy as a basis is Tutanota. It offers everything we can expect from an email provider, but also everything goes end to end encryption and with all the guarantees.

It is an open-source tool and uses the best security-related protocols.

On their website, they ensure that it is straightforward to use and that it is the most reliable email server in the world. Again we have a free option, but it also offers payment improvements. The basic one is sufficient for most users, and the security and privacy base is the same.

They are currently working on other services such as offering a fully encrypted calendar, as well as encrypted cloud storage.


Another of the most popular options is ProtonMail. This mail service stands out for offering anonymity. It treats with total confidentiality the data of the users, its IP address, which it does not store anywhere, as well as the guarantee of being under the Swiss privacy laws.

It is an exciting option if we want to send emails entirely securely. They use end-to-end encryption; it is open source and easy to use.

We also find several options if we want to expand your free plan.


A customer more based on security and privacy is Criptext, which we talked about in more detail in a previous article. It does not collect any user data, and all emails are encrypted end to end.

But in addition to security and privacy measures, Criptext also offers, among other things, a follow-up of the emails we send in real-time. It is a free and open-source option.