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5 Awesome Apps To Edit Your Photos



5 Awesome Apps To Edit Your Photos

Photos, photos, and more photos!

How many do we shoot every day, for pleasure or for work? I may, I assure you …

Precisely for this reason, my smartphone has a folder dedicated only to photo editing, where I jealously keep these 5 applications that I use alternately, according to the modification I need. Ready to know them all?

So here are the 5 applications I use to edit my photos :

1. Snapseed

It’s my favorite at the moment!

Snapseed is present on both Google Play and App Store, has a lot of interesting features and I use it to improve any type of photo. In addition to the standard edits (crop, color, HDR, and many more) it also has some usable filters. A must try! Here is an example of how it works:

2. PicsArt

I admit, I recently discovered it but it is already one of my favorites!

One of the features I love the most is the ability to delete unwanted objects or people from photos. Did you take a beautiful photograph of a breathtaking landscape but did you notice that a horrible light pole appears in the middle? No problem, with PicsArt you can remove it in a whisker! On top of that, it obviously has tons of extra features to try right away!

Download- PlayStore

Download- AppStore

3. Photofox

If I’m not mistaken, this application has a premium extension that allows you to use it and make the most of it. Thanks to some examples-guides, you can create photos with wonderful effects.

An example?

Imagine taking pictures of an outdoor environment but wanting to change the sky, making it spectacular or phenomenal: with it you can do it. I am attaching an example below and please note that it is just one of the many feasible creations.

Download- PlayStore

Download- AppStore

4. Photoshop Express

How not to name it?

Daughter of Photoshop, this application has a wide range of effects, filters, and edits for your photos. The functions are not the same as the photo editing program par excellence, but they are the basic ones for mobile and smart retouching for any type of photo. Seeing is believing!

Download- PlayStore

Download- AppStore

5. Afterlight

Very useful for editing the photos that will go on your social networks, this application has many filters available, in addition to the basic photo editing functions (such as dimensions, lights, shadows, etc.). Usage is free and is for both Android and iOS.

Download- PlayStore

Download- AppStore

These are my 5 favorite photo editing apps … Which ones are yours? Do you have any for me to discover?

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