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The 15 Best FREE Video Editing Apps For Android And iPhone



Best FREE Video Editing Apps for android

Best FREE Video Editing Apps For Android And iPhone

Editing videos on Android has become an exciting possibility to share them on social networks or send them to contacts. The advances in the technology of telephones and the improvement in the screens have motivated that many have found another way of pastime or progress in their work tasks.

While there is a lot of video editing software for PC, there are also free video editors for Android. Traditionally we used the computer to touch up the videos. But with the greater use of smartphones together with the increasingly better cameras these devices have, this process has been left behind.

We can now edit videos from mobile to midrange smoothly. If we go to the high range, the editing possibilities multiply remarkably. In this way, we do not depend on PC editors, and we shorten the process and save time.

Another advantage of video editing applications is that it allows us to share the final result with our contacts, either by WhatsApp or by uploading it to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube directly.

And if that were not enough, it is a simple, practical and quite an intuitive process that anyone can do without the need for immense knowledge of video editing.

Given the high demand that exists at this time by users, below we compiled a list of the 20 best free video applications for Android phones. This way, if you have a device with this operating system, it will be more relaxed and more comfortable to shape the video clips of your Library.

If something shares the best video editors for Android is that from them we have the window open to a multitude of possibilities of retouching the clips, so that we can customize them to our tastes: delete seconds or minutes, add effects, include songs, record voice-over.

Best FREE Video Editing Apps

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

The video editor par excellence has a mobile version. This is Adobe Premiere Clip and is a free full app with no ads to edit clips of videos on Android phones. It stands out for its ability to create clips automatically from a photo or video.

We will be able to edit this material, choosing among multiple functions such as cutting, trimming, adding transitions, music, filters, effects, and other more advanced options.

It is the perfect choice for those accustomed to working with the Adobe Premiere program on the PC, with the advantage that they now do it from any mobile device.

2. Movie Maker Filmmaker

If we talk about a program to edit videos, inevitably Movie Maker comes to mind. The legendary Windows program has a mobile version with certain similarities.

Developed by ALIVE, from Movie Maker Filmmaker we will be able to create mini-movies with special effects, transitions, text, and music in a few seconds.

Record and upload the video from our Android mobile phone, select a soundtrack, and title our movie. The good thing is that it is not necessary to have excellent knowledge of video editing to achieve professional results.

It has an Artificial Intelligence technology that is responsible for analyzing the best parts of each clip.


This application, available for both Android and iOS, is undoubtedly the most popular of all. And believe us, it’s justified. It is an all-terrain tool since it has many features that allow you to have a small video editing studio on your mobile device.

Easy to use and super intuitive, with it you can edit videos, make montages with photos and music, add transitions, filters and you can choose between more than 200 effects.

4. Timbre

The musical aspect can not be absent in the videos that we create; that’s why this free tool is especially interesting that allows excellent versatility in the treatment of audio tracks.

Audio editing in MP3 and MP4 is straightforward to do and allows new functions such as reducing or increasing the speed of sound or making many cuts and reorganization of the sound sections.


6. iMovie

This application, official Apple, is very professional. So much that it has already been used for the filming of films and shorts all over the world. It allows you to record, edit, modify, and improve videos, also incorporating special recording filters.

Another outstanding feature is that the tool to create high definition trailers with hardly any effort.

6. VideoShow

Awarded on different occasions, VideoShow is one of the best free video editing applications for Android. It has an easy-to-use interface, from which we can select various options such as adding text, music, sound effects or perform live dubbing (adding our voice or an audio clip).

It also allows you to compress the final file size without losing quality. Another advantage is that it has no limits as to the duration of the video.

It also incorporates a facial recognition function, recording video selfies with stickers in movement and masks. The VideoShow app is available for download on Google Play.

7. FilmoraGo

It is considered one of the best free applications to edit videos on Android. According to its developers, it is a powerful tool “with all the functions of editing professional studies.”

FilmoraGo stands out for its ease to perform simple actions such as trimming clips or adding music to videos.

It also allows you to make square videos for Instagram in 1: 1 format, for YouTube in 16: 9, enter transitions, reverse playback, slow motion or fast camera effect, enter text and titles, add layers and filters, preview the result, etc. It does not have watermarks or a limit on the duration of the videos.

It allows to save the videos in the Gallery of our mobile phone or share it on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. It has a paid version where you will find more features.

8. Animoto

If what you need is to create a video taking as base photos that you have in your device, Animoto is your best option, since in 5 minutes you will have everything done.

With many formats available, the application allows you to add music, animations, and filters to make your creations look great.

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9. PowerDirector Video Editor

It is a powerful video editor developed by CyberLink that has all the most essential functions of this type of tools. The most significant is the timeline, which allows us to move around the track comfortably.

To put some inconvenience, it can take extra effort to get used to the controls. But once we do with them, from the PowerDirector Video Editor application, you can make videos with an Android phone with professional quality in a few seconds and with few steps.

It has more than 30 effects and 60 transitions to add to video clips.

10. Quik

We present, in case you did not know, the official application to edit videos created with your GoPro camera. Easy to use and quick to edit, it presents a multitude of specific features for this type of videos, from particular transitions, exclusive music, and adapted filters. The best option if you are a regular user of GoPro.

11. InShot Video Editor

Simplicity is the word that best defines this useful tool that is perfect for people who are just beginning to edit videos.

As for the functions that it allows to do, they are the most basic at the level of cuts, mixtures, adding external elements and several options to which it is straightforward to reach and, even more, to apply.

12. KineMaster

A well-designed interface, along with a wide range of options is the best introduction to KineMaster, one of the best free video editing applications for Android. Among the most important features is the ability to quickly drag and drop media files.

With this tool, we will have different levels of control over the process of editing videos from the mobile so that we can create professional videos quickly.

In these clips, we can add transitions, effects, text, and even paint directly on the track. It has a paid version, which allows us to eliminate the watermark and offers more editing options than the free version.

13. Magisto

Magisto is entirely different from all the applications that we have shown you previously. Why? Because you edit the videos automatically. How it sounds.

Thanks to its AI, which analyzes your videos, it manages to make an edition in many cases perfect, and in other cases, you will only have to make small modifications.

It is the ideal option if you do not want to give a personal touch to your videos, simply that they are made as quickly as possible.

14. Funimate

The Funimate video editor is a free application to edit funny videos on Android in a secure way.

Used by millions of people around the world, it allows you to transform an everyday moment into a creative one, adding incredible visual effects. It also allows you to create amazing videos in real-time.

It has more than 15 video effects, with which we can develop our creativity and be part of challenges together with other users of this community (after free registration).

15. AndroVid Video Editor

To create and edit videos and beautiful presentations with music and special effects included.

In addition to this selection of the 7 best free video applications for Android, we also find other similar operating tools and very similar features. If you want to try and experiment with other apps for video editing on Android phones, check out this list: