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The best resources for bloggers and webmasters



The best resources for bloggers and webmasters

Best Resources For Bloggers

What’s the perfect recipe for becoming a successful blogger?

  1. Use top quality hosting
  2. Create your site with WordPress
  3. Write valuable content
  4. Add useful features for visitors
  5. Maintain contact with users

You may think that’s all there is to it, but it really isn’t.

Running a website or blog takes commitment and organization, and luckily there are many great resources for bloggers and webmasters. Use them to keep everything under control and facilitate your way to success!

Let’s find out what these tools are.

The indispensable resources for a blogger

From tools for time management to tools for saving your data safely, here are a number of resources and tips that are useful for you.

Manage your time

Resource no. 1 for bloggers: time management app

The best resources for bloggers and webmasters

Organizing your days and weeks with precision is a key element of your blog’s success.

Establishing an editorial calendar may not be enough if you don’t plan your days in advance. You would risk not publishing your content on time and being far behind at work.

The classic paper diary or printables of your to-do lists can help, but there are also some very useful digital tools.

Do you know the tomato technique? It consists of alternating work times and pause times in order to maintain concentration for longer. There are many smartphone and PC apps that you can use. Just set your times and you will receive a notification every time a work session or a break has ended.

You can also use tools like Asana or Trello, among the resources most used by bloggers and webmasters, to keep track of your daily tasks and those of other members of your team.

Stay informed

Resource no. 2 for bloggers: news and trend sites

The best resources for bloggers and webmasters

Writing a blog means being always up to date on industry news and seizing the moment as soon as a newsworthy of particular attention is presented.

Carefully follow bloggers who deal with topics similar to yours, even foreigners, and the social profiles of the big names in the sector.

I myself, for example, constantly follow Google news, SEO news, and all WordPress updates.

Set up your Google News feed using subject filters, so you’ll always have the news you care about right at your fingertips.

A very interesting service is that of Buzzsumo, which allows you to find the most shared articles on social networks. It will be very simple, thanks to this tool, to monitor what is happening in your sector and discover emerging influencers.

Share the material with your collaborators

Resource no. 3 for bloggers: sharing tools

The best resources for bloggers and webmasters

If there are several people helping you run your blog, it’s important to have all the material available to everyone, at any time.

Google Drive is a great solution to always have everything at your fingertips.

To create your editorial calendar, for example, use Google Sheets. Structure the sheet by setting a column for the publication date and one for the article title. Then create columns for notes, useful resources, new ideas, and suggestions.

A great system for remote brainstorming!

Save your important data

Resource no. 4 for bloggers: cloud backup

The best resources for bloggers and webmasters

Nothing is more frustrating than losing your data. You certainly can’t afford to have all your work wiped out by a virus or a breakup!

As I always say when talking about websites, making frequent backups is extremely important, and the same goes for backing up your files.

Activate a cloud backup tool that allows you to safely save your work. You can use, for example, the services offered by Ionos, an excellent solution both for saving your data and for backing up servers.

Keep your passwords safe

Resource no. 5 for bloggers: password management

The best resources for bloggers and webmasters

If you run a blog or website, you will surely have to deal with a myriad of passwords. How can you remember them all?

  1. Always use the same password for all services – NO! Mistaken! Danger! Always using the same password is definitely not recommended. Not safe at all and you may regret it very soon.
  2. Use a password management service – YES! Great! Sure! There are very easy to use and totally safe tools that allow you to save your passwords in a single account. Plus, they suggest strong passwords every time you register a new account on any website.

I find the LastPass service very convenient to use. The only password you need to remember is LastPass, and you can use it on all devices, so your passwords will always be at your fingertips.

Images for your articles always available

Resource no. 6 for bloggers: images for websites

The best resources for bloggers and webmasters

Using beautiful images in your article will help you keep the reader’s focus higher, explain the concepts you are presenting more clearly, and make reading smoother and more enjoyable.

There are several websites from which you can download images for your blog for free, like Pixabay for example. If you need more professional images instead, you can sign up for a service like Envato Elements.

Do you need to create images with text, such as your featured images or infographics? Then try Canva, it has many ready-made and fully customizable templates and I consider it one of the fundamental resources for bloggers and webmasters.

Manage automation

Resource no. 7 for bloggers: automation

The best resources for bloggers and webmasters

The more you can automate your tasks, especially the long and boring ones, the easier it will be to focus on what matters most – writing your articles and growing your blog.

Services like IFTT and Zapier allow you to connect different services (from social networks to newsletters, from Google Docs to Gmail). Just set the right conditions and you can, for example, automatically publish a post on social media when you publish an article on the blog, but also download a YouTube video you liked to Google Drive or synchronize the Alexa to-do list with Google Calendar.

In this article, you’ve discovered just a few of the many blogger and webmaster resources available on the web.

Many of these tools can also be used in daily life to facilitate the organization of your days.

Blogging does not only mean sitting and writing articles all day, but it is essential to interact with the world around us, to always find new ideas, and offer good contributions to the network.