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Computer Code Must Know [ PC Shortcut Keys ]



Computer Code Must Know

In the era of rapid development, computers have become one of the tools that are widely used to find various information on the internet.

On the student’s own computer has many uses which are to be used for tasks with creative because technological sophistication which the computer can display a wide range of interesting text, their colour, motion, sound, pictures, and many other things. This further supports students to develop their existing knowledge and skills.

Some code in the computer that you need to know :

1. Ctrl + B
The code is used to bold the desired text, and before that, you need to block first which text you want to make bold.

2. Ctrl + C
This code is used to copy or copy text.

3. Ctrl + U
To underline the writing the code can be used because the function of the code is to underline the text that is needed.

4. Ctrl + I
This code has a function to italicize the text.

5. Ctrl + N
To open a window or tab this code can be an easy key for you to do.

6. Ctrl + A
This code can be used to block all text or text in a file.

7. Ctrl + F4
Serves to close the document window as well as to close the application. The Ctrl + F4 code is a quick step and very easy to do.

8. Ctrl + F
Sometimes searching for files and opening menus and word searches is difficult. However, the Ctrl + F code can be used as an easy secret to doing this.

9. Ctrl + Z
To cancel the previous command you can use this code.

Well, these codes have benefits and must be remembered yes.

Thank You