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[Useful] Google Advanced Search Tricks You Should Be Using!




Google advanced search

Google advanced search:- Millions of people each day use Google Search for various reasons most people don’t use it to its full potential. So today I’ll show you 12 cool  Google Advanced Search tips and tricks that you should be used with Google search. These tips will help you to be more efficient when searching the web and will help you get better search results. I’ve been using many of these search tips for years. I’ll also include some new tricks for doing searches with Google that I just learned recently.

Google Advanced Search

1.  Related Results

Feel free to learn with the related results search if you want to find websites that are similar to other sites in the search bar you will type related followed by a colon and then you just put in the name of a website. I’ll show you a couple of quick examples let’s first try to find sites similar to Google.


You would put in the related colon then ( and then hit enter. Now you see the results our sites similar to Google like Bing and Yahoo.

Let’s try one more, and you see the results are ones that you would expect like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and so on. So forth the related results search is a great way to discover websites that you may not know about sometimes.

2.  File Type

Searching by file type can be useful especially for students teachers or anyone conducting research that may be looking for a PDF Word document or any other file type.


Here’s how it works in the search bar first put in your search term followed by file type colon (Exp:- Mac OS viruses filetype: Pdf) and for this one I’ll put it in PDF. Now you’ll see that most of the results are PDF links.

I’ll switch out the ending here and put it in doc (Exp:- Mac OS viruses filetype: Doc). Now you see I ended up with different results with links to doc files the file type search works with just about any file type extension.

3.  Google Advanced Search Operators

Using search operators such as the plus (+)or minus(-) sign is a great way to get better search results. I’ll show you an example of searching for Tom Cruise as you can see the search results are quite varied.

Let’s suppose I want the results related to Tom Cruise and Scientology after typing in Tom Cruise. I would add in a plus sign
(Tom Cruise + Scientology) Before Scientology.

If I wanted to completely omit any search results about Scientology instead of the plus. I would use a minus sign (Tom Cruise – Scientology). I use search operators almost every day, and it does make searching on Google more efficient.

4.  Using A Phrase And Quotes

You all may know that using a phrase and quotes will only give you results that exactly match the words in order inside the quotes. For example, if I type in “may the force be with you”.

I’ll only end up with results with that phrase using an asterisk replacing a word will give you variations on that phrase in the results. So I’ll replace force with an asterisk.

Now the results I have may the fourth be with you made the second be with you and may the code be with you. Using an asterisk is especially great for trying to find all forms of similar phrases or unknown words and phrases.

5.  Results Nearby

Using the word nearby at the end of a search will show you the results of places closest to you. So I’ll search for coffee nearby using the word nearby at the end of a search also works great for searching for restaurants or any other type of business.

6.  Cached

You may run into times when you can’t reach your website due to server problems or other issues. But you still want to view that side so after searching select the down arrow to the right of the URL you will sometimes have two options cached and similar.

I find similar does not work that much now to find related sites select cached. This will take you to the static view the last time. Google snapped a picture of that site.

I’ve also used the cached option in the past to view articles that are sometimes hidden behind paywalls, but this method is hit or miss.

7. Google Image Search

There may be times that you want a different size of an image. You found on a web page using the Google Image Search is quick and easy using the Chrome browser right-click on an image select search Google for an image from the drop-down menu this will open a new tab select all sizes to view every size of that image.

8.  Google Search With Site

Searching within a specific website is one of the more useful search tricks. Let’s say I want to find out what the verb has written about augmented reality in the search bar.

I would type augmented reality followed by (Google search with a site). The search results will only include pages from that site regarding the search term.

If you wanted a broader search but narrowed d.own to just educational sites at the end just put dot Edu. Now the results of augmented reality are just from educational websites.

9.  Searching By Date

Searching by date is an excellent tool for limiting the time frame for search results using the same search query as the last example select tools select any time.


Here you have several options in the drop-down including any time past our and others. I prefer the custom range you could use the calendar to the right to input your dates, but that takes a long time.


If you’re going back several years, so I usually put the dates manually as shown. So I’ll put in January 1st, 2015 – June 30th, 2015 and then hit enter now the search results are narrowed to specific dates within that range.

10.  Stock Prices

This is a quick one for those of you that play the stock market to see how a stock is doing. If you know the company’s ticker symbol which is sometimes referred to as a stock symbol just put that into the search bar.

For Apple it’s an AAPL it looks like Apple stock is up a little bit. Today let’s try another the parent company of Google is alphabet Inc whose ticker symbol is good.

You can increase the time frame to five days up to max which is the entire time that the company has been publicly traded.

11.  Title Search

If you want to get more relevant search results sometimes, it’s best to search the titles of web pages. Here’s how you do it type in the title colon and then the search term and this will give you all the pages with your search term in the title.

I prefer to search for titles with at least three keywords. So here’s how you do that in front of in title just type the word all to make it all in the title and for this one instead of just using Houston.

I’ll do Houston hurricane relief this is more useful and will only return results with all the keywords in the title. You can also search for terms in URLs of webpages replace the word title with URL.

12.  Advanced Search

If you want to narrow down your search results advanced search just may be where you want to go head over to settings and select advanced search from the drop-down menu.


Here you’ll have more than a dozen options for filtering your search Just be careful when filtering. If you narrow your results too much you could end up with very few or no results.


After you’ve typed and selected all your parameters, click advanced search at the bottom of the page, and then you’ll see all the search results.