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Google Alternatives Search Engines List



Google Alternatives Search Engines List

Google Alternatives Search Engines List

The best alternatives to Google – Search engines and search engines that are not Google

Google Alternatives Search Engines List:- A search engine is not the same as you will see below, in this list with the best alternatives to Google. There are fewer search engines than search engines; Many search engines rely on other search engines. For example, Yahoo relies on Bing to offer its results but providing a differentiated service than we can find in Microsoft’s search engine.

1. Bing

google alternative

The Bing search engine is from Microsoft and is one of the most important in the world according to its market share. Unlike Google, with a white background and the simple search bar.

Bing is shown with a colorful background that is changing and also has a bar of current content at the bottom that may be relevant to us. On the other hand, at the top, it has a bar that allows you to switch between the typical search or focus on images, videos, maps, and news, among others.

Bing has the functions that set it apart from Google, such as a text translator or grammar check. The results page, however, is almost identical to the one offered by the Mountain View company with its Google search engine.

2. DuckDuckGo

duckduckgo search engines google

DuckDuckGo, at the design level, is more like Google. A ‘plain’ background in a single color and the search bar, without significant decorations. But the exciting thing in DuckDuckGo is not that, but its focus is on user privacy.

Unlike Google, it does not save user search history on its servers, nor does it offer customizations based on our interests and our Internet activity. Also, their search results are taken from engines such as Bing and Yandex, among others.

DuckDuckGo has an ad per search, but it is not based on our history but on that search itself. Privacy is protected to the maximum by a proxy, and it is a free software project.

In short, it is an option that has the same ‘power’ as the leading search engines, but that protects the personal information of users and, therefore, their privacy. And this, as we know, is one of the main reasons why users flee the Google search engine.

3. Yahoo Search

yahoo-search-engine,alternative search engines

Once again, with Yahoo Search, we return to a straightforward interface. The logo, the search bar, and that are it. Now, this time, we do have a toolbar at the top that allows us to access the news service, email, sports, finance, and others.

But the results are not going to be specific, but are yielded by Bing; then it will not give us a different experience for its results pages.

As for the care of privacy, it is not at the level of DuckDuckGo, but it does respect the information of its users more than Google. And like the Mountain View company, it offers us particular results to know the weather forecast or to know the business hours that are close to us.

So, although it is not as complete as Google for the variety of services added, it is somewhat more respectful and continues to maintain some of the most impressive advanced features.

4. Yandex

yandex,google search alternatives

Yandex is not the best known alternative Google search engine, much less, but it deserves a chance. It is the ‘Google of Russia’, and here we can use it in English.

From the main page, we can find the typical search bar, but also with specific buttons to access videos, images, maps, and other advanced queries. It also differs from Google, and most other search engines, in that the results pages are displayed with some more rich content.

If we search for any web page, for example, we will see that the name, URL, description, and also an icon appear that helps us navigate the results faster. In social networks, for example, the profile image appears next to the search results.

And just as with Google, which has Chrome as its web browser, the quintessential Russian search engine also has its web browser under the same name.

5. Startpage

startpage,alternative search engines to google

Startpage is a simple design search engine, with the search bar in the main view and a small toolbar in the upper right corner. Through it, we can focus our search on images, for example, or modify the search engine settings.

In this search engine, the key is once again the treatment of user data, with maximum focus on taking care of your privacy with good practices such as, for example, not storing information about your users and their activity.

No cookies or temporary search results are generated, for example and the navigation options will remain ‘alive’ for only 90 days of inactivity.

We can customize the view of the results pages, showing more or fewer entries and making click the links open in a new tab, or not. In short, an excellent alternative to Google because, like DuckDuckGo.

It respects the privacy of users to a greater extent by letting them be the ones who, at all times, have control over their private data on the Internet.

6. SearX

searx,best alternative to google

SearX also has a simple design. The main view focuses on the search bar, to locate the contents that interest us, and at the bottom, it has an advanced settings button.

Through it, we can modify particular parameters such as what kind of content we want to see. We can focus the search on images, videos, music, news, and others.

And the most important thing is that, once again, more exceptional care is taken about user privacy. A custom profile is not generated, as is the case with Google, and no data is shared with third parties.

The results page, when we search, it differs significantly from that offered by Google or Bing, for example. And it is curious because we have unique options in this search engine.

Such as sharing the URL of the search. We have just carried out or exported the entire list of results both in CSV format as in JSON and RSS. We can also access any effect by proxy.

7. Qwant

qwant,google site search alternatives

Qwant does have a much more elegant interface. On the main page, we have the search bar, yes, but also current news at the bottom. And above, on the left, the possibility of switching between the standard search.

Focusing our search on musical content, or showing results for the smallest of the house. But the most important thing, once again, is that privacy is taken care of to a greater extent.

No user search history is maintained to create a personalized profile – as Google does – and temporary cookies are not used. Also, it is a European search engine – from France.

As for the results, they are also displayed more visually. With the common central area, with the results that interest us, and a sidebar on the left that allows you to switch between web results, news, images, videos, and social media results.

In this main view, also, on the right side, related contents that are available on social networks will be displayed, such as Twitter posts.

8. MetaGer

conservative alternative to google

MetaGer once again offers us a tremendously simple design. It focuses on the privacy of users avoiding saving records of the search history and without creating a personalized profile.

However, the search results do not give us such a complete experience, and only the color black is used for all the information written on the screen. This makes it difficult to differentiate the key elements on the results page.

It is an alternative to Google to consider, mainly because of the excellent treatment they make of their users’ information, but it leaves something to be desired at the design level.

And although the search results tend to fit one hundred percent to what is intended, for this reason, the experience of use is somewhat less comfortable than in alternative search engines to Google that we mentioned earlier in this same article.

9.  SwissCows

swisscows,search alternatives to google

It is also the best alternative of Google search engine.

10.  Mojeek

mojeek,google site search alternatives

11.  Gibiru

gibiru,google site search alternatives

12. Givero

givero,google alternative

Based in Denmark.

13. Ecosia

ecosia,google alternative

Ecosia is based in Germany.