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[Useful] Google Chrome Shortcut Keys




Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

Google Chrome shortcut keys:- The topic is the useful Google Chrome shortcuts keys which are very helpful to you. Today I want to show you several Google Chrome hidden Tricks that will boost your productivity. We will start with easy shortcuts in google chrome that I use daily. It will save your time and energy. So  Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet is below:-

Google Chrome Shortcuts Keys

1.   Ctrl +  Shift  + Delete

To open your browser’s history to clear data of Chrome just press Ctrl +  Shift  + Delete.

2.  Ctrl + T

Chrome new tab shortcut that will open a new tab, just press Ctrl + T.

3.  Ctrl + Shift + T

How to re-open the closed tab, if you closed that accidentally. So to re-open that tab so just press Ctrl + Shift + T.

4.   Shift + Esc

To open Chrome talks manager just press Shift + Esc then your chrome talks manager will open.

5.   Ctrl + Shift + J

If you want to open the developer tool just press Ctrl + Shift + J.

6.   Ctrl + End Key

If you want to go to the end of the web page then just press Ctrl + End Key. You will be at the end of the page and if you want to go home then simple press Ctrl + Home Key to go to the home page.

7.  Alt + F

The next is how to open a menu of chrome just press Alt + F.

8.  Ctrl + U

To open an HTML source press Ctrl + U it will open a page of  HTML source.

9.   Ctrl + Tab  OR  Ctrl + 1 To Ctrl + 9

How we can move from the current tab to the next Tab, to do this press Ctrl + Tab.

10.  Ctrl + H

If you want to see the history of chrome then press Ctrl + H.

11.   Ctrl + J

If you want to see download files then press Ctrl + J.

12. Ctrl + D

To make a bookmark of any web page press Ctrl + D.

13. Ctrl + Shift +  B

These keys are using to hide or show the Chrome bookmarks bar.

14. Ctrl + Shift + N

These shortcut keys are using to open a Private window (Incognito Mode). We also called it the Incognito shortcut key.

15.Ctrl + W

If you want to close tab shortcut is Ctrl + W. It will close the current tab. close tab shortcut

16.  Ctrl + L

To Select or Highlights, the address bar of the website or web page uses the keys Ctrl + L. It will select all the address bars.

17. Ctrl+Shift+O

It will open the Bookmark manager.

18.  Ctrl+R or F5

To Refresh the current page.

19.  Ctrl+0

Just Reset Chrome browser zoom to default mode.

20.  Ctrl+(- or +)

You can use it to zoom out(-) and zoom in(+).

21. Ctrl + Shift + Q

To shut down the browser just Press  Ctrl + Shift + Q. The browser will disappear.