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Google Tools For Online Marketing-SEO and web analytics



Google Tools For Online Marketing-SEO and web analytics

If you work in the area of ​​digital marketing, you will know the vast majority of these tools. Many of them are essential for the day today.

Google Analytics

It is considered one of the essential tools to obtain detailed information on how users behave on your website.

It allows you to measure your website visitors, as well as fit if they are new or recurring, or how much time they spend on your site.

Google My Business

Please include your company in search engines (both Google Plus and Google Maps) so that your potential customers find you based on their location.

To register your company, you only need to create a profile with all your business information.

Another advantage of this tool is the ability to interact with your customers and improve SEO positioning to give you better visibility.

Google Tag Manager

Another web analytics tool that a tag manager can obtain a large amount of data from your website without just implementing any code.

No programming knowledge is needed to configure and obtain necessary information about the behavior of your visitors.

Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

Previously known as Webmaster Tools, this tool allows you to keep track of the overall health of your website.

With it, you can analyze a lot of technical aspects of your website to improve the visibility of your business.

This tool is ideal to know the current performance of the web-based on search traffic (CTR, positions, clicks, keywords), as well as see what errors exist, and we have to fix.

It is undoubtedly one of the best tools to optimize the SEO of your page, and even better if you combine its use with Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Adwords.

URL Shortener

Google’s URL reduction service. You can shorten the parameters of a URL, thanks to this tool.

Very useful also to trace web addresses and carry out an analysis of what users use our URLs.

Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can know what the current trends in Google search are.

Thanks to the graphics it provides, you can see which terms are the most searched and how often these searches are performed.


Designed for businesses, this advertising tool allows you to create ads in no time.

Google Sites

Application to create web pages easily and quickly without having previous knowledge in programming and design.

To create the content, it is as easy as selecting the available elements and dragging them to the desired position.


Quickly identify what aspects you should improve on your website to optimize the user experience with this testing platform.

Its interface allows us to modify the information related to the experiment we do without having any technical knowledge.