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What is Paypal?How to Set Up ?How Does Paypal Work?



how does paypal work

How Does Paypal Work


What is Paypal?

How Does Paypal Work:- Every day all over the global, PayPal connects masses of hundreds of thousands of humans spending, sending, and receiving billions of dollars. To get started with PayPal, link your favourite debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts to your PayPal account.

Once they’re securely linked, you won’t need to enter them or your shipping info again. Now you’re ready to use the service of PayPal to pay online and in stores or to send money to family or a friend.

You can send money also to anyone using their email or mobile number whether they’re right next to you or halfway across the world.

The money goes directly to their PayPal account in seconds. When you’re shopping online, look for the PayPal button at checkout, use your PayPal password and skip entering your bank card and shipping info and with one touch.

You’ve got another option to check out even faster most importantly; your eligible purchases are protected by PayPal purchase protection.

If you have a business, you can start accepting card and other payments through PayPal even from customers. Who doesn’t have a PayPal account?

Paypal also gives you access to capital to grow your business with PayPal working capital. And you can give and accept the donation for charities too.

No matter what are you doing or where are you living, Money is part of your life. Helping people to find better ways to pay online, and manage money is at the heart of everything Paypal does.

How to Sign Up a Personal PayPal Account

Setting up a PayPal account is simple to go to and click PayPal sign up, Select a personal account and click. Next, you have to enter your email address and create a password.

Now fill out some necessary account details then read our agreement and policies, check the box and click agree and create an account.

Paying is easy, even if you don’t keep an account balance. Just link a credit or debit card that’s it your account is ready to use, look for the PayPal button when paying online or in-store you.

How to Send Money Through PayPal Account

How to send money through your PayPal account? First, visit and Paypal log in from your account. Overview page click pay or send money.

how to send money on paypal

Select if you’re paying for goods or services or sending money to a friend or family member, enter the email address or phone number of the person and then Click on Next button.

They’ll show up here funds are synced quickly to their PayPal account. If they don’t have a PayPal the account, they can set one up for free.

how to send money through paypal

Next fill in how much money you like to send and You can add a note also. Send money with your default payment method or send with your PayPal balance or bank account for free and credit debit cards and PayPal credit for a small fee.

once you’ve decided on your payment method click, send money now, and that’s it your money has been sent.