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The 4 Keys To Creating Good Content: Do You Inspire, Inform, Teach Or Entertain?



The 4 Keys To Creating Good Content Do You Inspire, Inform, Teach Or Entertain

If you look, before buying a product or service, the vast majority of Internet users, the first thing they do is look for information. They do not want to be sold a product right off the bat as ads do.

Companies have realized the door that opens thanks to the creation of content on a blog. With this type of strategy, they seek to create trust and credibility with the consumer. It is a way of subtly approaching your potential customers so that in the future, they are more predisposed to buy.

At this point, talking about content marketing and copywriting does not surprise you. You may even be bored to hear about it, but if you have a blog, you are interested in knowing all the keys to creating useful content.

When a person comes to your blog and is attracted to the design and what they are reading, in most cases, they will seek to connect with you. The reasons will be several:

  • You have motivated him with an inspiring post.
  • You have informed him of something new.
  • Your content has been useful to him because it has taught him something new, or he has solved a question.
  • What you have read has seemed entertaining.

After having read your content without asking anything, they will seek to know more about you. Probably the next thing they will do is sign up for your newsletter or follow you on some of your profiles on social networks.

How to assess if the content is of quality?

Creating good content on your site is also a way to improve search engine rankings, increase traffic, and gain visibility. Google suffers from information obesity and not in all cases, “content is king.” For content to be good, it needs to be:

  • Original and with personality.
  • Relevant, useful, and easy to share.
  • It must have a specific purpose.
  • It has to be written for a target audience.

Other factors, such as the use of keywords, link numbers, etc., will also be present. But I don’t want to focus on it; I want you to see the importance of attracting quality traffic.

Assessing how content is and if it is quality is entirely subjective. Google is not the one who decides that. Your readers are the ones who will appreciate, whether it is quality or not. For some, it will be useful content; for others, it will be irrelevant content. For this reason, you must define what the objective of your post is and what target audience it is aimed at. That target audience will be in charge of evaluating whether what you have published is of quality or not.

4 keys to creating exquisite content: do you inspire, inform, entertain, or teach?

To create exquisite content, you have to know the audience you write for, and you have to put yourself in their shoes. Here it is not worth talking about every day topics that we know that everyone likes but does not convert. Quality traffic is what will come with quality content. From there, we can write a post that inspires, informs, entertains, or teaches, but above all, you will have to be clear about the topics that respond to the needs and interests of your audience.

1. Inspire: Connect with the hearts of the strongest

Many brands have known how to create content that inspires people, motivates them to exceed their limits, and ultimately encourages them to become better people. The first example that comes to mind is Coca-Cola, which inspires millions of people to have fun and get moving.

In the contents that inspire, storytelling takes center stage. There is always a story behind that helps connect with the emotions of the people who are reading it.

Those readers, visitors, or potential clients, whatever you want to call them, feel totally in tune with the brand and want to be part of the conversation. Usually, we are talking about a post that has a high probability of being virtualized.

The types of content they inspire could be personal stories, branding, or a case study. They do not have to be directly focused on life or something emotional or personal. Although there is something very right in this type of content, occasionally leaving the comfort zone, asking yourself a few questions, and telling what comes from within and sharing it can give you more than a pleasant surprise. That’s how I lived it the day I dared to explain why I decided to be a copywriter and start online.

2. Your report: You are always up to date with what is happening in your sector

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your niche, one of the things you will have to do is inform your audience of everything that happens in your sector. You have to position yourself as a benchmark, and for this, you will need to be a great curator of content on the net.

The time has come to create alerts on Google and investigate the latest news in your sector. One tool that I like to use is Topsy. With it, I can find the links on a topic that is receiving the most social mentions on the net—away to find some inspiration and know what is being discussed.

In short, you have to be an excellent miner to find the best sources of traffic that provide you with the latest information. Once you find that news, you can translate it by citing the source, or you can give your perspective on the topic it addresses.

Another option could be to carry out a study of your sector that you know your audience is interested in. This reminds me of a post that Christian von Eitzen published. He interviewed 28 bloggers to find out how long it took to write a post. It was a very shared article and, above all, exciting and useful for all of us who have a blog.

The interviews also work very well—a way to bring a touch of freshness and first-hand information from a relevant person in your area. Depending on the approach you give and the questions you ask your guest, it could also be a very inspiring post.

3. You teach: Solve all the doubts of your audience

Find what your target audience wants to learn and show them how it is done through your content. All the posts that start with “how to win, 7 ways, 10 tactics, how to conquer, how to convince …” are articles about guidelines with a high impact at the SEO level. The posts in which you teach are an excellent way to position yourself as an expert in that area.

An example of a blog that is taught daily is QuickSprout. Neil Patel is co-founder of various companies like Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. In addition to learning dozens of business lessons, he can teach all his readers his marketing knowledge.

If you run out of ideas and have a minimal audience ask your readers, do not be afraid. They will tell you about their doubts and interests, and with that information, you can develop new content. To carry out the surveys on your blog, you can use tools such as Typeform, Quoners, or Google Drive.

4. You entertain and leave them with a good taste in your mouth

The contents in the form of video are usually the most entertaining. I think some companies create content to amuse, inform, and entertain their audience through a video that are very good. Red Bull is the first case that comes to mind; it could not be another. How many of us were watching the Red Bull Stratos campaign last year?

In 2014, it is clear that this type of content will continue to increase. Perhaps we are then in the ideal moment to put ourselves with it. The videos also, among other things, help improve the visitor’s time-on-site on your website.

Another essential component of an entertaining post is humor. It is not easy, create fun content, but if you want, you can do it. Of these contents, I like their fast pace and how much they can surprise an audience. You can write content with a more hooligan tone but try to make it yours, don’t write in a way that doesn’t suit you or in which you feel very forced.

Conclusion: Mix ingredients from time to time!

Writing quality content takes a lot of effort. Be authentic with your blog. Generate conversations with your audience. Do not lose focus and always ask yourself the same questions: what is the objective of this post and what audience is it aimed at.

Each of us, in our style, feels better writing a type of content. Perhaps your goal is always to inform, and for another blogger, the important thing is to teach and entertain, all at the same time. Occasionally mixing the ingredients I’ve talked about helps create fabulous recipes. Don’t be afraid and enjoy the excellent content.