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How to Get Indexed Fast Blog Posts in Seconds



How to Get Indexed Fast Blog Posts in Seconds

The blog is an online media that has many benefits which are currently very popularly used by internet users both in India and around the world, generally, blogs contain content in the form of articles, in a blog can also contain content such as videos and photos. posted by someone who later became known as a blogger or writer.

The blog itself has many unlimited topics, just to build a good and quality blog, it’s good for a blogger to first determine the topic or blog theme they will create, some examples of blog themes that are widely used by bloggers include blogs with topics of health, finance, lifestyle, technology, culinary, education and various other topics which of course have no topic limits depending on the interests and talents of the blogger himself.

Being a blogger, of course, we must first determine the purpose of us creating the blog, whether we create a blog to promote our business and products, or we create a blog to channel our writing hobby, in addition to the two things above, there are also many bloggers who create blogs with the purpose of getting income from the content they write on the blog, to be able to make money from the blog content that we have created, of course, it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, where there are many processes that must be passed by a blogger to be able to make money from the content they create from blogs.

When we have created a blog and written articles on the blogs that we have created, of course, we want the writings that we have made to be found on the google search engine, even as I myself target every article I can be able to be on the first page of the google search engine, it is quite difficult but it is not impossible, in this post I want to share a little about how to make every post on our blog easier to be indexed on the google search engine.

The first way we can do this is to register the blog that we have created to the webmaster, or better known as Google Search Console, to be able to register our block on the webmaster, you can visit the following webmaster link, then you must log in using your Google account. have. After that, enter your web properties by writing the name of the blog that you have created, wait until the webmaster verifies ownership of your blog against the google account that you use to log in.