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What is An Online CV | How To Make A Curriculum Vitae | Tools To Create it



What is An Online CV How To Make A Curriculum Vitae Tools To Create it

Do you want to learn how to make a Curriculum Vitae that helps you stand out? For almost any job selection process, it is still necessary to present a very professionally designed CV. But, to obtain or not the job that we are looking for, now also depends on the quality and originality of this document.

Therefore, and taking into account that a recruiter does not usually dedicate more than 10 seconds per candidate in a first selection, our main objective should be to try to highlight our profile as quickly as possible, to continue with the possibilities of obtaining that job. … And how do we achieve that goal?

Helping you answer this question and giving you the keys to designing your own Online CV step by step, in a more attractive and original way, is the objective of this guide. So, now let’s see from what it is and how to create a more impressive Online Curriculum, to what digital tools I can use to do it.

What is a Curriculum Vitae (Short biography)?

A Curriculum Vitae is the document that summarizes a person’s personal data, academic background, professional skills and work experience, which is generally used to be presented to a company’s Human Resources department.

This document, also abbreviated as “CV” , is used to demonstrate our professional worth and that we are indeed qualified to perform the position for which we have applied.

Therefore, it is very common that, once we have created ours, over time we will update it as we take new courses or gain more work experience, in addition to adapting it to the characteristics of each job offer to which we present our application.

Do I have to make a single CV ?

Initially, it is often thought that the same curriculum works for all the jobs for which we apply. But the truth is no. The most optimal is to design or modify your CV depending on the type of job we want to achieve.

To give a practical example, if you are going to work as a waiter in a restaurant, it would be redundant or not very useful to add that you have taken an advanced course on microprocessors. The same if you apply to teach at a school or university, would it really be necessary to say that you have graduated as a bartender?

The truth is that mu possibly not. In addition, you would be taking up space in your CV that you can take advantage of with information that is much more relevant to the position you are seeking to fill.

What is an Online CV?

An Online CV is a Web page or Digital document that has a design like a curriculum vitae or resume of a professional nature, in which a person virtually registers relevant information about their professional and work history.

What is an Online Curriculum for?

Like your ancestor, the classic paper format, the main utility of these virtual documents is also that of applying for a job, since they are a summary of your training, your work experience and what you could contribute to the company in the that you are running, as I already mentioned above.

But, the great advantage of using these new Online CV formats (which are now more similar to a Web page or to an interactive Digital file) , is that they can be accessed by the Internet for anyone who has a link to them. and the most original and interactive character we can give it.

To create them easily, today there are many tools both free and paid, which we will talk about at the end of this guide.

But is looking for a job your only use?

Well, the truth is that no, since there are other professional fields in which it can be useful to use an Online Curriculum. An example of this is as a complement when applying for a research grant or to apply for a specialized training program.

Of course, in these cases, the information required may be somewhat more abundant or different:

The educational resumes:

Another variant, it could be said, are the educational CVs , which come to be a kind of document where teachers summarize all the information about their education related to a course or academic research, plus the professional qualities of the candidate.

From the professional qualities and the academic objectives set to the resources that will be used during the development of said research or university course.

How to make an online CV or CV that impacts and makes a difference?

Now that you know what an Online CV is and why it is so necessary for your working life, you are surely wondering how I can do one step by step.

First, you should know that these do not really have a preset design that you must follow perfectly, so in a way you can let your creativity run wild.

Even so, there are important data that your curriculum must have yes or yes. These data are mostly related to your personal information and the training or experience you have in the workplace.

In addition, there are also some tips you can follow to make your CV stand out from the rest of the applicants , to make it easier for you to get a job interview:

1. Do not forget your basic and relevant information

As I was saying, there are some data that are very important and that every Online CV should keep in mind.

Basic personal information:

  • Names and surnames.
  • Identification number or DNI.
  • Birth information (date and place).
  • Marital status (married or single).
  • Address where you live.
  • Telephone number (it is recommended that there be at least two, your home and mobile).
  • Emai

In addition to personal information, you also have to add your academic and professional information :

  • Academic training and studies carried out (whether you have done a technician, a degree, etc.).
  • Courses taken (including workshops and postgraduate courses).
  • Professional experience in your area of ​​work or in any job relevant to your profession.
  • The languages ​​you use and the level of mastery you have over them (if applicable).

With the exception of the languages ​​you use, in the rest of the points, you need to always add the details of the company where you worked and the institution where you did your training, the start date, and the end date.

2. Add only relevant information for the position you want to perform

This I have already clarified before, but it is really important, so I will remind you once again.

In some cases, this is not usually necessary, since we have only one profession in which we want to develop. But, if you still don’t have a very clear idea of what kind of job you are going to work in , it may be good to have different CVs prepared, each focused on highlighting skills for a different job or position.

Having different formats, depending on the need usually comes in handy for people who have very varied skills and who have a greater range of options when looking for a job.

3. Add testable references

References are a good way to support your professional ability , if you have the opportunity to request and add job references for jobs that you have previously had and that can speak highly of you, much better.

These generally count as attachments, so they can be attached to your resume.

And, since we are talking about references, when you add information related to your work experience , I advise you to add some contact numbers , so that they can communicate with your previous job.

Remember that a direct recommendation from your old employer carries a lot of weight.

4. Choose a striking title

Imagine being in charge of receiving and filtering the requests and that in each sheet you see you find the same: Curriculum Vitae, Curric … over and over and over again … This will put you in a state where you will see every file you receive from the same way, with nothing new to add.

In itself, it is not that it is bad to use that ” standard ” title , but choosing a more attractive one becomes a tremendous opportunity . Rest assured that, if out of nowhere the next CV you receive has a different and striking title, you will manage to capture their attention, and it will leave a very good impression.

This first impression will make him more receptive to what you have to say on your resume, and there will be many more opportunities for him to see you as a potential interview candidate.

5. Use a correct and error-free language

The language you use is important, your resume must be able to read without problems. Therefore, the most recommended is to use a neutral language , in this way you adapt your CV for any company in which you can apply for a job.

In addition, you must take maximum care of your spelling, you do not want the first impression they take from you is that you do not master your own written language.

6. Creativity is good, but you are not sending it to a circus or a carnival

It is not uncommon to hear that you have to “ stand out ” from others and that the more creative you are when writing your CV the better, but it turns out that everything has a limit and write in five different types of fonts with multiple colors and irrelevant images around here and over there it is not exactly the kind of ” creativity ” that is sought.

You have to balance, that the professional and the creative go hand in hand. Also, many times it is enough to add a unique and unusual style, without resorting to hundreds of rare colors or icons.

7. Make sure the information is consistent

A fairly common mistake happens when setting course or training dates, or even work experience.

It is normal, when it comes to dates, confusions are quite common, so I recommend that you check that all the dates you add are consistent , so that it does not seem that you had two jobs at the same time that you were studying for a degree, unless you really has happened.

In the same way, be careful about having long empty periods, that is, without having been working or studying, because recruiters don’t usually like that much.

8. Be modest, but without ignoring your achievements

We have strived to achieve things, to train and learn, and that is very good, so you should not leave out your achievements, whether academic or professional, but try not to seem arrogant.

What I recommend is that you filter and select only those that you consider are going well with the company in which you are applying or with the position you want to carry out, in this way not only will you not seem arrogant, but it can also benefit you in the process of selection.

9. Don’t forget to add your skills

You have already added your training, yes, but it turns out that a degree can be very extensive, so it is important that you add your most remarkable skills to your resume , are you a good advertiser?

Do you know how to use hundreds of Web analytics or Digital Marketing tools?

Are you an expert in SEO, Content Marketing, or Email Marketing? Let them know what your skills are and how you can help their company.

10. Less, it’s more

Do I really need to include 5 pages?

Well, the truth is that no , and believe me, few employers will get to read it all, at least of course it is very really relevant and important information.

Do not extend more than necessary!

I recommend that you be as concise as possible, a single page is ideal. This also involves avoiding placing jobs that are too old or irrelevant and absolutely all the courses you’ve taken, for example, just focus on the most current ones and those that are most important and relevant to the position.

What tools can I use to make an Online Curriculum?

Currently, this document has evolved into the digital format and, for this reason, different tools have emerged that allow us to create our own original CVs on the Internet .

There are many tools with which today we can create a CV, not only in printable format or in PDF, but also available from a Web page.

This type of applications or web pages allows us to share it in a very simple way, and at the same time, they give us the opportunity for someone to download it in a PDF format file , which is compatible with all types of devices.

Next, I am going to tell you what are some of the most popular digital tools and the characteristics of each of them.


With Canva you will be able to design almost what you can think of, including this type of labor document.

Among their catalog of templates, they also have one for this purpose. To it, you can add illustrations, images and various decorative elements so that you can give more life and originality to your resume. When.

Once your design in Canva is finished, you can download it in PDF, PNG, or JPG formats to send it by email, publish it on an employment platform or print it in high resolution and take it with you to your job interview. is a Spanish tool that has gone one step further, allowing your Online curriculum vitae in infographic format to be more interactive.

They work on this platform, as microsites in which you can navigate and discover different sections within your working life. You can create it on a single or on several pages, and link all the content to make browsing as easy as possible.

It gives you the possibility to start from scratch and create your own model , or adapt your content with design templates to create business presentations or advertising infographics with them.

It also makes it easy to download in PDF, although it will only be fine when you have created it on a single page so that the interactivity does not complicate the reading. is also designed to share your CV online.


This Digital tool merges the classic resume on paper with the advantages of creating an Online CV.

The models that you will find here maintain a more traditional aesthetic . This platform is a good option to use as a complement to paper, since you can keep the same classic format but share it on the Internet.

CVMaker allows you to download it in PDF, HTML, and TXT. In this way, you can include it on your website or upload it to a server. All the functionalities are free, like the tools that I have mentioned before, but CVMaker also gives the option of creating a Premium account.

PowerPoint or Google Presentations

The first is a tool included within the Microsoft Office Online package and the second is part of Google DRIVE, they are an ideal example of a format that was previously for printing and that now also allows us to use it in a 100% Digital way.

Google Presentations or PowerPoint for the Web, allows you to design slides or templates that you can edit digitally with an innumerable amount of visual accessories.

The “Curriculum Vitae Online” designs that you create with them can also be downloaded in PDF, a very attractive format and super easy to share on the Internet.


Having a good resume online is a way to get the doors opened in any job, attractive and unique designs make it easier to get to the interviews than using a classic white sheet with your information.

There are many templates on the Internet that you can take advantage of to find very interesting formats, remember to follow the advice I have given you so that you are more likely to be successful.

Also, remember that it is not only important to have a good one, but to have information to fill it out, so the best way to get a job is to train in your professional area, and not just study a bachelor’s or technical degree.

But also through specialized courses that allow you to be a better professional and further expand your skills.