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How To Make Money With A Fashion And Lifestyle Website



How To Make Money With A Fashion And Lifestyle Website

If fashion and lifestyle are your passion, why not use them to make money with a website? There are many ways to monetize one’s passions through online activity and certainly, the fashion blog and the related sector are one of the most followed at the moment.

In this guide, I suggest some useful tips to manage your fashion and lifestyle website and make money.

Monetization strategies for a fashion and lifestyle site

When thinking about making money online, most of the time what comes to mind is simply the word “eCommerce”. In fact, there are tons of ways to monetize your website, and to make money with your fashion blog or lifestyle blog, you don’t have to sell products.

So here are some suggestions.

Affiliations and Partnerships

The first method I recommend you to use is that of affiliations or partnerships. In fact, you can advertise certain products, brands, or services and receive a percentage of sales or, sometimes, a fixed amount in exchange.

Identify products or services that your readers might be interested in. In the field of fashion and lifestyle, for example, you can earn money by offering cosmetics, clothing, accessories, or jewelry on your site, but also events, clubs, services …

Verify that affiliate programs are available for these products and services. You will receive a personalized link that will take you to the purchase page and that will be tracked, allowing you to know at any time how many people click on your link and how many actually buy.

If you want to apply this strategy, you can take advantage of several systems:

  1. Insert Affiliate Links Within Your Articles – In the most natural way possible, insert a description of the affiliate product into the text showing the benefits it could have for your readers and explaining how it helped you solve a problem. Then enter the affiliate link that will lead to the purchase of the product.
  2. Sponsored posts – These are real reviews of a specific product/service. You can write an article entirely dedicated to what you want to advertise, in which you will show in detail all its advantages. Companies often send test products to bloggers just for them to write a review.
  3. Affiliate Product eCommerce – With WooCommerce you can create an eCommerce even if you don’t have your own products to sell. In fact, you have the possibility to insert the affiliate link on the “Buy now” button, so that the customer completes the purchase directly on the seller’s website.
  4. Banner – By inserting advertising banners with affiliate links within articles, in the sidebar, in the footer, or even as a popup, you can attract the attention of the reader and intrigue him, so that he is pushed to click on the banner to find out more.

I recommend that you use the Thirsty Affiliates plugin to manage affiliate links on your website. I find it extremely useful because it allows you to generate custom links and track all clicks on them.

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Placing advertising on your website is a good way to make money, but you must be careful not to overdo it so as not to risk making all the readers swamped by ads escape.

I suggest you join the Google AdSense circuit. It is a program that will allow you to insert a Google code on your site, at the point of the pages you prefer and will show advertisements based on the data that Google itself collects about users.

While a person browses the web, in fact, Google collects all his preferences, so he can determine which products may be of interest to him (this is what the famous cookies are for ). This will increase the chances that your reader will buy a product or service from the advertisement they saw on your site, and this will therefore make you money.

Another way is to sell your advertising space. That is, you can get paid a certain amount, one-time or by subscription, to insert advertising for a specific product on your pages.

For this strategy, you could agree with stylists, boutiques, hairstylists, but also restaurants and clubs.

Make Money With Videos

Making videos on YouTube is a trend now widespread in all sectors. You can also use it to monetize your fashion or lifestyle blog through the creation of videos. Some idea?

Tips for makeup or hair. Yes, I already know what you are thinking.

“But it’s full of videos like that!”

And indeed you are absolutely right. But you could focus on a very specific topic and orient yourself towards a very specific niche. For example, you could create a channel that provides exclusive styling tips for those with curly hair.

The more you can be specific, the more you can become a point of reference in that sector. Do your research and identify a topic that is interesting but has little supply.

Once you’ve made your videos, don’t leave them alone on YouTube. Write a blog post on the same topic as the video and embed the video within it, via an embed. WordPress allows you to do this in a snap.

Create info Products

Like many others, fashion and lifestyle are sectors full of topics that lend themselves well to the creation of guides, ebooks, and tutorials. As for the videos, also in this strategy, it will be necessary to inform you first on what may be the topics that arouse interest but are not widely covered by your competitors.

It starts with the creation of a free info product, which will allow you to understand if the topic is actually interesting for your readers. Then create the more “advanced”, more in-depth information product that you can put up for sale.

Earn Money With Consulting

Your fashion and lifestyle blog definitely highlights what your skills are and allows you to prove that you are a true expert in the industry. Make your skills available to your readers by offering online or offline consultations.

Organize your appointments with one of the plugins in this guide.

Create an eCommerce with Your Products

Finally, you can create an eCommerce with which to sell your products. Especially if you already have some notoriety in the fashion and lifestyle world, it can be a very profitable strategy.

You can make a line of cosmetics, hair products, clothing or accessories, and sell them directly through your site with WooCommerce.

Unlike the other earning methods I’ve introduced to you in this article, making your products to sell them online requires a certain upfront investment, so carefully consider the costs of making and storing the merchandise before throwing yourself headlong into this project.

Technical Advice

After seeing what are the methods to make money with your fashion and lifestyle site, I would like to conclude the article with some technical tips that will help you grow your business.

First, don’t rely on free platforms to build your site. You would risk seeing your project fail in a very short time. There are many free or very cheap services such as Wix, Blogger, but I strongly advise against relying on them. The risks are:

  • Not being able to customize the appearance of your site as you wish
  • Not being able to implement features that can improve the user experience
  • Have difficulty managing the site
  • Having to spend a lot more money to be able to compensate for all these features
  • Not having a 100% secure site
  • Failing to define your identity online to develop your brand
  • Have a hard time optimizing your site from an SEO point of view and therefore not reach good positions on Google

and all this will certainly prevent you from making money with your site. is the best platform to develop your fashion and lifestyle website and make money in many different ways.

It allows you, in fact, to completely manage every aspect of a site, from graphics to content, from functions for administration to those to improve the visitor experience, from SEO to performance improvement.

All you need to build a WordPress site are 3 things:

  • A domain
  • A hosting
  • WordPress

You will then be able to start creating your site, starting with choosing an ideal theme for fashion blogs and lifestyle sites.

Use The Right Hosting

If you intend to carry out a serious, long-lasting, and earning project, you will have to rely on a good quality hosting service. The absolute best, especially for those starting a new website, is undoubtedly SiteGround :

  • It’s a great foundation for building a fast, high-performing site
  • It offers very high levels of security
  • It has a practical and easy to use management panel
  • It allows you to install WordPress with one click
  • It gives you the domain for one year
  • Provides excellent assistance 24/7, even in Italian
  • It offers a full service with all the features you may need

With another hosting, you may find yourself needing a basic service that is not included in the plan, and therefore having to pay extra to get it. Furthermore, often the support is not in Italian or is not particularly efficient. Finally, you may have difficulty managing your web space due to particularly complex control panels.

There are many techniques to make money with a fashion and lifestyle site and you can also take advantage of them in combination. But, to ensure you get good results, it’s important that your site is built on a solid foundation.

If you don’t use WordPress yet or your hosting is not of high quality, I recommend you switch to SiteGround now!