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[Best] 15+ Useful Keyboard Shortcut keys You Need to Know! (Windows)




Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Keyboard Shortcut Keys:-  As many of you know keyboard shortcut keys can make life easier when navigating your computer. There are simple ones like control C to copy and Ctrl V to paste. I’ll show you 15+ keyboard shortcuts that can be used with your Windows computer that can save you time and increase productivity. Let’s get started with windows shortcut keys:-

Keyboard  Shortcut Keys

1.  Alt + Tab Key  

Start with an easy computer shortcut key if you have several programs open at the same time to quickly scroll through those programs hold down the Alt + Tab Key at the same time and then keep pressing the Tab Key with Alt held down until you find the program that you want and then let go of both shortcut keys of the computer.

2.  Window Logo Key + D  

If you are in a program and you want to see your desktop holding down the Window Logo Key + D   will minimize your open windows showing your desktop holding down the Windows Logo key + D again will bring your open windows back into view.

3.  Windows Logo key + Shift + S.

Many of you are familiar with the snipping tool built into Windows that allows for capturing a part of your screen a quicker way to take a snippet with the latest versions of Windows 10 is to hold down the Windows Logo key + Shift + S. You’ll see the cursor is replaced with the plus icon.


Now left-click on your mouse and select the portion of the screen that you would like to capture and then let go it will automatically create a copy to your clipboard. But to save this capture, you’ll need to paste it into one of your image editing programs.

4.  Ctrl + Shift + T 

Here is a shortcut that works with every browser. I have tried it on if you have multiple tabs opened after you go to exit those tabs that you didn’t intend to close. You could bring them back by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T all at the same time.

5.   Ctrl Key and then tapping on the Backspace Key

Everyone knows that using the backspace key will delete one character at a time what is even more useful it’s holding down the Ctrl Key and then tapping on the Backspace Key will delete entire words this deletes sentences and paragraphs quicker without having to use your mouse.

6.  Move over to the file then tap the F2 Key

If you want to rename a file without selecting it with your mouse use your arrow keys to move over to the file then tap the F2 Key then rename your file.

5.  F5  

Will stay on the function row of your keyboard for this next one when you’re running file explorer, or you’re in your web browser pressing F5 will refresh the page.

6.  Window Logo Key and then tap on the left or right arrow key

Snapping windows is excellent if you’d like to multitask. Let’s say you want to watch or listen to a YouTube video while working on another project. So let’s take this YouTube window to hold down the Window Logo Key and then tap on the left or right arrow key to move your window into place then use the same shortcut to move the other window into place for side-by-side viewing.

7.   Alt + the Print Screen key

I already showed you earlier how to capture a snippet, and most of you know that using the PrtSc key on your keyboard will capture the entire desktop. But if you want to capture the active window, you have open without capturing the rest of the desktop hold down Alt + the Print Screen key it will automatically copy to your clipboard then just paste it into your favourite editing program.

8.  Ctrl + S

I’ve lost a lot of work over the years due to random computer crashes and power outages using Ctrl + S frequently to save your files can save you a lot of time for that reason Ctrl + S is one of my favourite.

9.   Window Logo key + I  and  Window Logo key + A

Most used computer keyboard shortcut instead of going to the Start menu to open settings holding down the Window Logo key + I will open the settings menu. Using the Windows Logo key + A will open the Action Center panel with the panel open I’ll give you a bonus tip. You’ll see the word collapse is outlined in white you can use the Tab Key to jump down to the next section and then use the arrow keys to navigate this panel and with Wi-Fi outlined in white. I will press the enter key on my keyboard to turn it on you can navigate other windows on your computer in the same way as well.

10.  Window Logo Key and the Tab Key

A feature added with the launch of Windows 10 is virtual desktops which are excellent. If you keep a lot of apps open or you use your PC for different types of tasks to see your virtual desktops. Hold down the Window Logo Key and the Tab Key. You see at the bottom of the screen that I have two desktop environments that are currently open to create a new virtual desktop. Hold Down the windows key Control key + D now with three virtual desktops currently active to switch between these desktops. Hold down the Windows Logo key + Ctrl and then select either the left or right arrow.

11.  Ctrl key + Mouse

If you want to quickly make a copy of a file without using Control + C to copy and Control + V to paste. This one involves the use of your mouse to highlight the file hold down the Ctrl key + Mouse and drag the file outward that’s what I call quick copy and paste.

12.  Ctrl + the HOME key holding down Ctrl + the End key

When you’re in a document to quickly jump to the top hold down Ctrl + the HOME key holding down Ctrl + the End key will take you to the bottom of the document.

13.  Windows Logo key + X

If you open the Start menu then hold down the Windows key most of you knew that but to open the hidden click link menu hold down the Windows Logo key + X this will give you a look that looks a lot like the old Start menu from the previous Windows operating systems.

14.  Windows  Logo key + G

If you play games on your PC holding down the Windows  Logo key + G opens the game bar. Where you can quickly access your Xbox Live app take a screenshot and record your screen it will even record your screen even if that program you have opened is not a game.

15.  Window Logo key then press the +(plus) Key and Window Logo Key pressed tap on the -(minus) Key.

You know very well that as we getting old, our vision gets worse so to magnify your screen place your cursor on the section of the screen that you want to magnify then hold down the Window Logo key then press the +(plus) key to zoom in to zoom back out while keeping the Window Logo Key pressed tap on the -(minus) Key.

16.  Window Logo Key + the 5 key

Let’s take a look at the taskbar. There are several apps you can open with a quick shortcut first find out how far from the left that app is that you want to open.


For example, the Microsoft Store is far from the left to open it hold down the Window Logo Key + the 5 key, and it just opens up the store this shortcut works with any program in the taskbar.

17.  Windows Logo key + S

If you want to create your computer keyboard keys shortcut to any of your favourite programs folders or files that are easy to do in this example, I’ll create a shortcut for a program. First, you’ll want to find the executable file for that program the simplest way to do that is to go down to the search bar or use the keyboard shortcut which is the Windows Logo key + S. Type in the name of your ➡program or Softwareright click and select ➡open file location‘ ➡right click on the program or Software and select ➡properties. In the ➡shortcut,  area ➡holds down Ctrl then select the number or letter that you want for that shortcut select ➡apply now. When you use the keyboard shortcut, you created your file folder, or the program will open.