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List Of The Best Google Tools That Exist Today



List Of The Best Google Tools That Exist Today

Google is not only the search engine that we all know but also has a lot of applications, services, and products beneficial to ensure the best experience for users who use them.

Do you know what all these applications are and what they are for?

I explain below with a list organized by categories, of ALL the tools that Google puts at your disposal. Many of the free and open.

Google Academic or Class Tools

All the tools you need for learning and to do your homework in class quickly.

Google Drive

The great storage service to save all your files in the cloud and have them available at all times from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

This tool also has multiple functions, such as the ability to share documents with other users and even set write or read permissions.

Google Docs

Google Documents is not just the tool we all used to create simple documents. Now it includes multiple intelligent editing functions, as well as new styles to format our texts and paragraphs.

Create, edit and open these documents from any device, even without an Internet connection.

Google Sheet

Who has never used spreadsheets to create tables or formulas?

With this tool, you can convert your files to Excel format and vice versa.

Google Slides (Presentations)

Free tool to create presentations with a large number of presentation topics, as well as modify them as a team or alone.

If the format of the files worries you, forget about it since you can also convert them into PowerPoint files and vice versa.

Google Forms

As the name indicates, from this tool, you can create surveys and forms accessible to everyone.

Google Books

Tool responsible for digitizing books for later use on the network.

Many of these books are shown with a preview so you can see some pages before purchasing it in ebook format from Google Play.

Google Scholar

An academic tool focused on the search for scientific-academic literature content.

In comparison to the results that we can find in the Google search engine, these are academic and scientific texts. You can also find quotes, summaries, books, and even electoral theses.

Google Classroom

Educational tool launched in 2014 and that includes Google Docs, Gmail and Google Calendar.

It allows teachers and students to be connected to organize tasks, send comments and have access to everything from a single place.

Google For Education

Tool designed for teachers to take their students to live adventures and virtual experiences without leaving the classroom.

A teacher acts as a “guide” and can lead the groups formed by the students in the class, through different collections of 360-degree 3D images.