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Mobile Tracking : Find Out Who is Tracking You Through Your Phone




Mobile Tracking

Mobile Tracking:- Today we are going to be looking at who’s tracking you right now.  There may be people tracking you right now using your phone.

But how can you be sure this is going on. Well, there’s some tips and numbers you can dial to find out if you’re being tracked.

I’m also going to show you a way to find your phone if it’s ever stolen without using any apps. Whatsoever and most importantly, how to stop people from tracking you using your phone. Can you imagine anything worse than someone tracking you and looking at everything on your phone?

You may have something very private on your phone, like private images or text messages, whether it’s a Facebook password or your credit card information.

it’s not something you want other people to see well believe it or not many people have hacked phones out of all the billions of phones in the world an estimated 40% of them have some kind of hack.

This is usually a simple virus that has been installed onto their phone. These two things, like transferring your calls messages and other data somewhere else.

wherever they’re being deferred – too thin has all of your information, and they can do horrible things with this, people have had the right entity stolen simply because of a virus on their phone.

But what’s the way you can check if your phone is being tracked well don’t worry. You don’t need to be some kind of computer genius, and you don’t even need to install any apps all you need to do is use your number pad and type in numbers.

if it seems like no one can get through to you and you can’t call anyone else, then your calls may be being redirected well.

Check out following codes [Tracking Number]

Code *#62#

If it seems like your calls and messages are being redirected, you can use this code in the number pad put in *#62# this will allow you to see if someone’s tracking you by redirecting all of your calls.

If your calls are being redirected, this means every time someone tries to call you, it actually goes to a different number, and that also happens. If you try to call anyone else to let’s say you try and call someone else; instead it will directly go to a different number.

This is usually used to spy on people and try and hack them for their personal information. People give out things like banking information and passwords over the smartphone, of course.

You should never do this, but many people are not security conscious and do it any way but luckily if your calls are being redirected. You should be able to tell us no one will be able to get through to you and of course you won’t be able to call or text anyone else.

Code *#21#

But if people can call you and you can call other people well, that doesn’t mean you’re not being tracked. You never know your calls messages, and mobile data may be being redirected somewhere else.

That is called a diversion you can still make calls and text people, but someone else will see them and track whatever you’re saying. This is a widespread thing that happens to many people’s phones.

but before we look into how it happens and how to stop it from happening check whether it’s happening to you.all, you need to do in your keypad is press *#21# when you type this in the phone number that all of your information is being diverted to will show up on your screen.

some parents do this to their children’s phones to check up on them and make sure they’re not getting into trouble.

so if you believe your parent may be spying on you and tracking you using this code then type it into your keypad, other people like criminals may also be doing this to try and harvest your data.

This data is very valuable and can be stolen on the dark web. People who do this usually hack thousands of phones at once using a box they then sell the information on to other people.

If you go on the dark web, you can buy stolen Facebook passwords for 1 dollar. These trackers can also happen if you lend your phone to a stranger.

It’s a popular scam nowadays in many countries where someone will come up to you and ask to make a phone call. You may think that only allowing them to borrow your phone is no big deal.

But you don’t know if they’ve put a virus onto your phone which allows them to track you.

Code ##002#

But let’s say your phone is having a diversion or a redirection what exactly can you do to stop these people tracking your phone and maybe taking your data.

when it’s very simple, and it’s just one more keypad number if you dial ##002# this will switch off all forms of redirection.

This code is universal and works in every country, and it will switch off any diversions or redirections on your phone that way if your phone is being hacked and tracked then you can turn it off only using this one code.

It also helps to use some kind of antivirus software on your cell phones, both the Android and iPhone App Store offer various antivirus apps. Which work great this will make it much harder for anyone to try and hijack and track your phone, so that’s how to protect your phone digitally.

Code *#06#

But another thing many people want to do is protect their phones physically. What I mean by that is making sure that someone hasn’t stolen your cell phone.

Let’s say someone has stolen your phone and you can’t find it. You may try to use an app like find my iPhone app, Google finds my Device app for Android or a mobile tracker free login to find my phone android Online by Google, but this can easily be turned off.

The person who stole your phone can take your SIM card out and then put a new one. But there’s one way to track a phone to make sure it’s never lost or stolen and because it is built into the phone’s hardware.

There’s nothing that the thief can do to turn it off; this is called your IMEI number. That stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

That is a unique 15 digit number that is attached to every single phone. It’s nothing to do with a SIM card or anything that can be swapped out and is built into the phone’s hardware.

You can use this number to track where your phone is to make sure it’s never lost or stolen. But how do you find out what your IMEI number is well it’s simple all you have to do is enter *#06# into your keypad.

That will then display your 15 digit IMEI number. You should write this down in case your phone has ever been taken that way you can track where it is hopefully. You can now rest easy with the understanding that you’ll never be able to lose your phone or get it stolen again if someone takes your phone.

You can track it and then report that location to the police, and if you lose it, of course, you can trace it back to where you left it by the IMEI number tracking method.


But before we end this article let’s go back to phone tracking other than cool redirection and diversions is there any other way. You can be tracked while using your phone well believe it or not the government can see what you’re doing on your phone.

The NSA can see what anyone’s on any phone. However, there is one way to get around this, and that is by using an encrypted service.

Encrypted services are closed to outsiders as the messages only go between two parties apps such as signals or telegrams are used by government officials and celebrities that’s because they are encrypted and no one else can see into their messages and see their very secret things.

That also works in creating countries that block certain parts of the Internet.

Another thing you can use is a VPN your IP address is used to locate you and your location. But if you use a VPN, it will give you a brand new one in a different place.

So those are ways to make sure even the government can’t track you while using your phone and of course. We’ve already covered the ideas.

We can stop hackers from tracking us using our phones – and of course who could forget the essential IMEI number think how many people have their phones lost or stolen and bought a new one when they could have tracked it using this number.

So those were the ways to find out who’s tracking you how to stop them doing it and also have to prevent your phone from getting lost or stolen.