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95 + Most Useful Websites for Students



Best Websites Useful Websites On The Internet

Most Useful Websites for Students

Best Websites:-  The Internet has effective best websites in the world providing powerful information and services. These helpful websites can help you in ways you can not even imagine. There is a list of websites that can help you in many ways, which urges things to do better. Following are top websites full of knowledge and fun as well:-

1.    WeTransfer – file sender service that allows you to upload and share files up to 2GB.

2.     10MinuteMail  – temporary e-mail address for 10 minutes only to receiving messages. Similar – Minuteinbox and .

3. – a very useful tool which is helping you to turn your speech into text.

4.     iconfinder  – best useful website, Via this website you can get all kinds of icons for your projects.

5.    Worth of my Website – If you want to know about any website’s income then use this website.

6.     Ninite –  free software and multiple apps installer. when You will select all software that you want, then you will get

a single executable file, that will run all installations with one click.

7. – Platform through which you can simply make your very own free web page and highlight your skills.

8.     Pipl – a tool to search out any person behind the e-mail address, social username or phone number.

9.     WolframAlpha  – the best machine search engine that gives you any type of data. For example, if you put the question like “moon distance from the earth” then it will give you a correct answer, you can search about Math, Science & Technology, Society & Culture, and  Everyday Life.

10.   9Gag  – amazing website with funniest pics, gifs, memes, and wtf photos on the internet.

11.   Gwiki   – anyone can enter any type of  Wikipedia link into its search box and press enter, Then you will get the text without any hyperlinks.

12.   Pixabay  –  images and videos, free for commercial use. similar  Pexels Unsplash  ,  Lifeofpix  Flickr, and Commons.Wikimedia   .

13.   Safeweb.Norton  – copy the URL of any website and paste it into Norton’s search box, then press enter. It will show you that the website is secure to visit or not.

14.   Radio.Garden – listen to radio stations from anywhere in the world. Just find the country through the map and enjoy any radio station with one click.

15.   Remotedesktop  – You can access any computer or allow others to remote access your PC over the internet. Here is also similar software  TeamViewer .

16.   LunaPic  – a free online image editing tool that provides an intensive kind of tool to redefine your photos amazingly. You will change filters, borders, art, animate, photos and add completely different effects.

17.   RetailMeNot – is the largest website of coupons. People have access to coupons for over 50,000 online stores. If you prefer shopping, Retailmenot will help you save on a large scale. If you see a coupon code field on a website, check for any coupon at Retailmenot.

18.   FlightStats – track the flight status at airports worldwide.

19.   CopyChar  – copy special characters and emojis which are not available on your keyboard.

20.   CamelCamelCamel  – amazingly useful tool if you look at Amazon. Camel Camel Camel shows you the full price history of any product on Amazon, so you can just see price drops and patterns. you’ll be able to conjointly set up alerts for price drops to be notified once the value drops of any specific product.

21.   Invoice-generator  – free invoice generator that enables you to create invoices and send them to someone. There are no limitations on the service and therefore the invoice example is similarly efficient. Better of all, they keep track of invoices that you produce and you will be able to view your full invoice history.

22.   Useful Interweb  – provides useful articles links every day on its website.

23.   TwoFoods  – It shows the comparison of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins of two different foods.

24.   Unfurlr   – put any link into its search box, then it will show you what is behind that link.

25.   PCpartpicker – If you are creating your own computer, you will use a computer half-picker to produce your virtual PC and get recommendations from the community. You will see the creations of people to take inspiration.

26.   Screenshot  –  take high-resolution screenshots of websites on mobile and desktops.

27.   Typeracer  –  improve your typing speed by racing against others.

28.   Soundation  – online music editor with options like edit, mix or create your own music online.

29.   Fontstruct  –   create and draw your own fonts and use them in any application.

30.   Alternativeto    – the best website to search out an alternative to any software or online service. It lists apps for almost all popular platforms and is also the options area unit voted by its large community.

31.   Scr   – If you want to prevent your email from being indexed by spammers, then a very easy website. If you want to publish your email, then convert it to a small link, so that the bots can not steal your email.

32.   Internet-map  – You can see the most active website on the Internet using the Internet map. This rare map was created in 2012. The creator broke down how 350,000 sites interact with each other. Each web asset has different colors as indicated by its geographical area: For example, Blue speaks for America and Red Russia. Each webpage is displayed as a hover on the map, and its size is determined by the site activity.

33.   Weavesilk  – usually simply known as Silk that allows users to make colorful digital pictures on a black background. It is used for several functions, adore relieving anxiety, making profile photos, or just playing around with a cool program.

34.   1Happybirthday  – give your friends a happy birthday with a song in which their name is. The good part is that all songs are sung by the artist and the text does not use the speech engine.

35.  YouTube/webcam – Broadcast yourself live over the internet with no difficult setup.

36.   GTmetrix  – check your website’s loading time and its recommendations on how to optimize it.

37.   Scamadviser –  Find out if the website is real or fake. Here you’ll find helpful details like the domain’s age, owner’s contact information, website traffic, etc.

38.   Viruscan Jotti’s – malware scan is a free service that helps you scan suspicious files with many anti-virus programs. You will be able to submit a maximum of 5 files at the same time. There is a limit of 100MB per file. Please remember that no security answer provides one hundred security, and not once, it uses many anti-virus engines. All files shared with anti-virus corporations class measurements can thus detect the accuracy of their anti-virus product.

39.   Archive – Take a snap of any web page and it will be present forever, though the original page has gone.

40.  Viralnews  – check trending articles and news via this website.

41.  Flightradar24 – a worldwide flight tracking service that gives you real-time info about air traffic around the world.

42.  Faxzero  –  anyone can send faxes to the United States and Canada free of cost but if you like to send to other countries then you have to pay per fax $ 1.99.

43.  Accountkiller – delete any social media account directly through this website.

44.  Skyscanner  – check the flights’ information by date and price.

45.  Grammarly – helps you eliminate grammatical errors  and find correct words

46.  Wattpad   – Find any type of story and content that you can not find anywhere in the world.

47.  Upwork  – get freelancers and freelance jobs.

48.  Techmeme   – technology news aggregator.

49.  Supercook  – It’s a  recipe search engine and you can make tasty food with help of ingredients you have at home.

50.  Musclewiki  –  awesome website for each body muscle exercise. There are pictures of human body muscle, click on any muscle and you will see a list of all exercises that involve that particular muscle.

51.  Dinosaurpictures  – Are you looking for dinosaur’s pictures, names, and other data if yes this is the right place which you want.

52.  internetlivestats  –  see the data about social media like how many photos are uploaded in 1 second on Instagram, Tweets sent in 1 second, Youtube view in 1 second, Google search in 1 second, and many more.

53.  Metmuseum  – The Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York providing HD images.

54.  imgur  – yes you can make the good quality meme and animated Gif images online just free imgflip .

55.  Pdftoword  – free converter any pdf file into word.

56.  – see stroboscopic animation for 30 seconds then look around you.

57.  – URL shortener website free of use and you can modify any link according to your choice.

58.  Animagraffs  – a good website for students.

59.  Roboboogie.codeclub – Did you see a dancing robot if not, then visit this website, and also you can edit dance steps by button.

60.  eatthismuch  – create your daily healthy diet plan using this website.

61. – remove image background of any person just in 5 seconds.

62.  en.savefrom  – Download any video, you just have to insert the link into a search box then you have to click and you will get download options.

63.  –  check the air quality of your city. breezometer .

64.  htwins – Known as the Scale of the Universe. It will give you knowledge about the entire Universe.

65.  Pointerpointer – Very interesting website, whatever area you touch or point it, a related or closed image of people pointing at the same place you point in that frame will be displayed to you.

66.  asoftmurmur – enjoy the sound of rain with thunder, waves, wind, birds, and more. similar noisli 

67.   you.DJ – try DJ music mix.

68.  Instructables  – learn how to make creative things.

69.  earth.nullschool  – Check wind flow by the map of the world.

70.  Privnote  –  Send a note to anyone that will self-destroy after being read.

71.  incompetech  – get Royalty free music for your projects.

72.  noteflight – anyone can compose their own music online and download the music sheets.

73.  zamzar – convert any file into any format, this is support 1200 file formats

74.  fiverr – sell and buy services at this place and get services only for $ 5.

75.  vectormagic  – turn any pic into a vector.

76. – compress images size offline also.

77.  promo – create marketing videos – similar sites  biteable and  animoto

78.  Seat61 – If you want to travel globally, then this website will guide you about that country which you want to visit.

79.  duolingo – learn free any language.

80.  yournameingum  select any chewing gum and type your name, then chewing gum turns into words.

81.  whatsmyip – Check your IP address.

82.  iwantmyname – search all types of extensions of domains.

83.  – find the museums nearby you.

84.  oldversion – get old versions of software on this website.

85.  zerodollarmovies  – watch free online movies.

86.  canva  – create free HD logos for your projects.

87.  webmakerapp  do an offline practice of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a live server to make cool websites design.

88.  ocearch  Shark tracker website.

89.  thunkable  – just make mob apps of Android and iOS by drag and drop.

90.  Ubersuggest  free keyword search tool provided by Neil Patel.

91.   Fast – Internet speed checker tool free of use.

92.  Deep Sea – This is such a useful website because you learn something along the way if you can remember it. The Deep Sea is a journey through the depths of the sea in which you discover the strange creatures that live in it as you dive deeper by scrolling. It is exciting and easily swallows a few minutes of your day.

93. Web fluid Simulator – This web app is exceptionally relaxing. It is a ” fluid simulator “. The screen shows you a black canvas, and when you drag the mouse pointer over it, you will start moving the virtual fluid. You can adjust multiple parameters such as pressure, viscosity, speed, etc.

94.  LangoRhythm  This is a website that will be useless for most, but perhaps someone out there will manage to create something great with it. Be that as it may, trying it is more than fun. In langoRhythm, you can convert the text you write into music.

95.  Ascii Art Converter – An unnecessary but great tool. Ascii Art Converter lets you convert any image into a work of art made automatically with Ascii characters.

96. You can get here FREE SEO Tools for Your Project.

97. Web Audit Tool – Here can Audit any Website.