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[Top] Niche Website ideas For Making Money in 2021




Niche Website ideas

Niche Website ideas:- We are going to talk about the best niche website ideas to make money in 2019. Let’s talk about niche blog ideas that you can use to start your blog or start your website and make money online in 2019.

This is the best time to be online, making money. Now a niche selection is significant. When you’re getting started with your online website because depending on the niche that you choose you might make thousands of dollars a month or $0 a month.

So picking the right best blogs niche is very important. So let me go over the 21 best niche new website ideas for this year 2019.

Best Niche Website ideas

1. Cats

The first niche I want to talk about is cats people who have cats are crazy about cats, and people are not getting cats.

There’s always going to be cats, and people are going to be mad about cats getting cat accessories cat toys, cat food, cat hats, cat clothing. There are all sorts of ways you can monetize a website with cats.

2. Marathons

The next one is marathons. Marathons are becoming a popular blogs thing these days, and a lot of people are running marathons.

If you have any experience in marathons you can start a website about strictly the diet preparing for a marathon or running exercise or stretching for marathon runners or sleeping patterns for a marathon.

There are so many different things you can do for marathons and people who are running marathons are very serious about their training and they’re looking for answers.

3. Smartwatches

The next one is smartwatches like this one smartwatch are becoming more and more popular as more and more companies enter the market.

If you want to start a website that reviews different smartwatches talks about various features, different prices compare prices compares features. you could create a profitable affiliate website with smartwatches. I will show you niche website ideas which have been given below.

1.  Best Phone Under 10000 

2.  Best Smartphone under 15000

3.  Best Phone Under 20000


4. Drones

Drones, we all love drones and drones are getting cheaper and cheaper now. There are a lot of laws and regulations coming out about drones.

But I don’t think that drones are going away anytime soon so like with smartwatches. You could create a site talking about different drones.

What you can do with the drone or you could speak more specifically about specific uses for drones. So drones for photographers or drones for videographers or something like that.

5. Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are very trendy and something that is also trending on Google. If you have any experience with small houses or maybe you just like little houses and want to research them.

You could start a website around information about tiny homes and potentially earn some very very good business partners with companies that build small homes.

6. Makeup

Makeup to go now there are a lot of makeup tutorial sites. But maybe you want to focus on makeup to go and little ways that you can put on makeup.

You know in a restroom at a restaurant, or you see while you’re sitting in your car not while you’re driving headed somewhere so like makeup as you’re out and about I think would be a cool niche to go into if you’re interested in makeup.

7. Home Automation

Home automation is a huge one. Amazon is very very serious about home automation with Alexa and the echo devices, and Google and Apple and all those other big players are also entering the market.

I think in the next 10 to 20 years every single house in America or all over the world is going to have some home automation device ordering stuff off Amazon playing music setting reminders, things like that. So comparing those devices could do very very well for you.

8. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is very popular these days with Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. It’s how small businesses and entrepreneurs get funding for their website or sorry for their project without taking on venture capital.

So if you know or if you’ve done this. You’ve done crowdfunding for business, or you know someone who has you could write a tutorial, a guide, a website that walks people through the process and what they need to know about the different crowdfunding sites and how to find success.

9. 3D Printing

3D printing is also very trendy, and I don’t know something that is still probably a little bit reflective. But the good thing about getting into a 3D printing website. Right now is that when it does become very mainstream and households.

All around the world are just having 3D printers for stuff. If you’re a first mover in the market and your website is one of the original ones out there you could be in for some serious cash in the future.

10. Dog Accessories

Dog accessories this is just like cats, but people love dogs. I have a puppy, and we are obsessed with her, and everyone makes fun of all the things that we buy for her that we probably don’t need to buy for her.

So yeah we find stuff all the time on Instagram and Facebook and stuff, and we’re buying all that stuff. So hey you could probably start a website about that and as a hint.

If you started a website about doodles, you’d probably do very well popular breed in 2019.

11. Wireless Devices

Wireless devices if you want to go full-blown wireless devices Wireless phone chargers. You could review what other Wireless charges are there now I feel like there are so many Wireless things.

Nowadays, wireless speakers Wireless I don’t know lamps. I don’t know what’s Wireless because I don’t have a wireless website.

But if you created one, I could go to it and learn about all the different wireless products out there which would also be a perfect affiliate website.

12. Anti-Stress Toys

Anti-stress toys this is an exciting idea. One that I’m kind of liking you’ve probably seen those fidget spinners that were super popular and other sorts of little Haim thingies that kids are using and like squishy balls and stuff.

I don’t know it’s a big thing these days with the kids. Who is having a hard time focusing in school?

So yeah little toys and devices like this even for adults a website specifically focused on these, and maybe you could talk about different uses.

which tool is best for each type of person or every kind of situation depending on what they struggle with. I think that’s something that could be interesting.

13. Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Healthy pregnant women who are pregnant are paranoid, and I mean that in the best possible way. But they are anxious about what they’re eating, how they’re exercising everything that they’re doing.

They want to make sure they’re doing it right because they’re about to have a baby and they know that it could affect their baby.

So if you’re a pregnant woman or you’ve been a pregnant woman, or you’re going to be a pregnant woman, or you’re a weird guy.

But if you have any knowledge about pregnancy. You could talk about having a healthy pregnancy. There are all sorts of things you could all sorts of ways you could monetize the site like that.

14. Instrument

Learn to play an instrument people are still interested in playing instruments. You know, and something interesting is there are all sorts of different instruments out there like electronic synthesizers and things like that.

You could review various apparatus talk about. What it takes about how long it takes to get right. Where people can find lessons you know a friendly little site like that a local site.

You could create a local site for stuff like that that would be cool as well.

15. Spirituality

Spirituality is a massive topic in 2019. People are moving towards meditation and spirituality and stuff like that. So it doesn’t even have to be, I guess necessarily tied to one religion. But just like spirituality in general being.

I don’t know the one with yourself and at peace and talking about. How do you know to find peace in your life? I think that’s something that a lot of people would be interested especially how stressful times are these days meditation.

This goes right, along with spirituality. But so many people are interested in meditation now that’s meditation is like the new exercise like fitness is super trendy still super trendy.

But I think that meditation is going to overtake fitness in the next few years. Because just people were suffering from so many mental health issues and stress and anxiety and all sorts of stuff like that are hurting a lot of people.

So people are looking for ways to meditate. There are all sorts of meditation apps that are just climbing the charts on iTunes.

So a blog about meditation there’s a lot of blogs out there doing very well, and there’s nothing that says that you can’t start a meditation blog and find your niche as well.

16. Homesteading

Homesteading I’ve seen a lot of blogs. I know a couple of people who have homesteading blogs. So if you’re one that likes to you know grow your food grow an hour farm with animals and do that sort of thing.

Homesteading could be a popular topic and especially as people are trying to get into this organic thing. Growing your food is a sure-fire way to be natural because you have full control.

So sharing you know it’s about that would be something that’d be cool.

17. Travelling

Travelling with kids, everyone wants to start a travel blog. But I think to separate yourself from the crowd. If you have kids, I think a lot of parents out there are nervous about travelling with their kids and like it just causes them more of a headache than the vacation is supposed to have.

So you know talking about tips about how to travel with kids. Kids of different ages teenagers little kids babies sharing various tips and techniques and ways that you can visit safely with kids and keep them happy and all that sort of stuff.

I think that that would do the kind of website would do very well.

18. Home Decorations

DIY decorating is expensive; my wife always likes to go to those decorating stores, and I look at stuff, and it’s like a little decorative thing is like 50 bucks.

So if you learn how to make your decorations and you can go to crafts or a warehouse or something and get discount supplies or time online and share with people how to make home decorations for super cheap.

I bet you there’s a lot of people out there that would be interested in knowing how they can decorate their house or apartment or whatever for a low cost.

19. Cooking or Food or Recipe

The last one is cooking or food or recipe or whatever type of food blog. If You want to start I still think that food blogs are a super favourite, especially on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to get traffic.

If you’re a new blogger, so if you want to start a food blog and you hop on Pinterest. You can get a ton of traffic very very quickly, and there’s a lot of ways to monetize a food blog alright guys that wraps up my 21 best niche website ideas for 2019.