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[Free] Reduce image Size Online in KB For Blog Post



reduce image size online

Reduce Image Size Online

Reduce image size online:- If You want to upload images to your blog then before you have to reduce photo size, today I will show you how you should prepare your images before you upload them to your website, more specifically to your WordPress website.

Why would you even want to do this?

The first reason is that your website will be much faster. This is what your users want. Then, you will also get more visitors because you will decrease the bounce rate of your website.

Google will love you more because, with a better and faster website, you will also get better Google rankings.

You can save some money with less server storage and less bandwidth consumption. And in the last but not least, you can also save some money on the mobile data plans for yourself and your users.

The first step is that you should choose the right image format. There are two popular image formats. The first is JPEG, which is suitable for photos, images with gradients, and images with millions of colours.

The other one is PNG, which is very suitable for limited colour images, for example, logos, or charts, or graphics and pictures with transparency.

Let’s take a look at the following example of image size.

The original JPG image is 3.1 MB large. If we save this very same image to the PNG, the total size of the image increases to 45%, to 4.5 MB. This is an excellent example of why you should choose the right image format.

The second step is that you should resize image before uploading. So for example, if the content width of your website is 800 px wide, then you should resize picture that the width of your image is only 800 px.

Don’t upload pictures directly from your camera or phone because modern cameras and phones take images of multiple megapixels massive and you don’t need to use that same resolution on the web.

Here is again the same example image. The original is 1800 px wide, and this is, as we’ve seen before, 3.1 MB. When we resize image to be 1110 px wide, the total size of the picture decreased by 65% altogether to be only 1.1 MB.

And the third step is that you should go further and compress your image and there are many many image compressor online and WordPress plugins available for that. Some are better than the others.

The difference can also be if you convert PNG to JPG  and JPG to PNG  images.

What we did at Technasa is that we’ve tested all the plugins and the online tools that reduce image size online. You can optimize image by using these sites.

  1. Tiny Png

This is the online application to compress photos or to reduce the size of the images that I use most in my day today.

With it, I optimize the weight of almost all the images that I will upload to my blog, also those of this post.

TinyPNG supports uploading 20 files at a time of up to 5 MB each.

Despite the name of this tool, it can reduce the weight of a jpg or png image.

After reducing the size of the photos automatically, TinyPNG allows us to download them one by one or in batches, either in a compressed folder called “tinified” or to host them in our account in Dropbox.

It makes it easy to compress or resize an image for free and with very little quality loss.

That is, by selectively reducing the number of extra colors, they will also reduce their size in bytes.

TinyPNG is one of the services to compress more great photos on the market. She reduces a large percentage of the weight of an image (sometimes spectacularly) only by improving the number of colors, without being able to do anything of quality.

 2. Befunky

It allows reducing the size of the photos drastically while maintaining a very high visual quality of them, with almost no discrepancy in the before or after the compression of that image.

3. Bulk resize photos

This tool reduces the size of the image very quickly. You just upload the picture and press the “start resizing” button and then the compressed image file will start downloading.

4. image compressor

With Optimizilla you can compress the weight of up to 20 images at a time.

However, its biggest difference compared to other tools that I mentioned in this post is that while each image is queued you can adjust the compression level using a slider , it is also possible to compare the result with the original file.

Thus, it is a very useful tool to have greater control of the level of compression of our images and can visualize their results before downloading them.

The formats compatible with Optimizilla are PNG and JPEG.

 5. Compress jpeg

Compress Jpeg is a free online application that allows you to compress several images simultaneously. It is compatible with the formats: JPG, PNG, and SVG.

Also, Compress Jpeg, which supports compressing up to 20 photos at a time, makes it easy to download by creating a zip file with all the content.

6. img online

7. Compress image.toolur

8. Resize-photos

9. Pic resize

10. Photo resizer

11. image resizer

12. Compress-or-die

13. Website planet


15. image smaller

16. image optim

17. Simple image resizer


When it comes to improving our presence on the Internet, a differentiating factor is to have a visually attractive and pleasant design on our website.

Using any of the useful tools recommended in this post will allow us to optimize and compress our images without losing that quality.

But, in addition to this, that design must also be correctly optimized in terms of SEO. And a key aspect to consider here is to reduce the size and weight of the photos we use on our site so as not to affect the loading times of it.

Although keep in mind that this is only a first step, then you have to implement many other On-page and Off-page SEO strategies to improve the visibility and positioning of those pages.