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The 14 Best Free and Online Tools To Remove Background From Image



background remove from image

I’m sure you’ve been trying for days to figure out how to remove the background of an image you need for a project. On the Internet, today, there are solutions for all problems, and there are tools that allow you to do almost anything, although, with some, the result is not always what we expected.

Luckily for you, I have managed to compile an impressive list of 15 pages where you can remove the original background of that particular photo that you want to implement on your website or in a digital project, always preserving its quality and with an entirely professional finish.

And, although for this, the idea is to hire a professional graphic design specialist, there are times when you just need to remove the background of a particular image and continue with your daily work. Therefore, with these tools that I will show you today, you will not have to waste time, and in a few steps, you will have your “clean” photo.

Why may I want to remove the background to an image?

Before turning to the tools, I want to give you a couple of reasons to go to these free pages, because the truth is that there are more reasons than many could imagine since an image without the default background is quite useful in many areas. Still, we could concentrate these reasons on two main ones.

It is essential in many editing processes

Let’s start with the basics, since many times, when we want to edit an image or add a particular element to another image, it is necessary that it has no background.

Therefore, eliminating it is a fundamental step in many editing processes, especially those that require different elements from different sources.

And the same happens if we want to modify a specific part of our image or simply want to create different layers.

Not having funds is a necessary step to achieve the desired professional results.

We don’t need that fund at all

Have you noticed that in many online stores, the image of the product is used many times only?

And, it is normal that we want to place photos of our products without any background in our catalogs since they give a “cleaner” presentation.

And this does not only apply to eCommerce; there are many situations in which we need to realize this strategy. For example, when we want a photo of us for a profile, if you want a more uniform or “white” pattern, but the picture you like was taken in a somewhat dark place, you can simply delete it.

So when you delete it and want it to remain 100% transparent, be sure to save in this format, or failing that, in TIFF format, which would also be valid.

14 Best tools to remove the background of a free Online image

Before it was a little more complicated to get this action completed, however, after the appearance of PhotoShop and its “Magic Wand,” more and more users were able to separate the different parts of an image in a short time.

But with time, more and more programs appeared with the perfect function for this task in a short time. Some programs are even able to do it with just one click. Currently, it is also possible to do it without downloading any application.

1. Fotor

Let’s see how to finish a quite versatile tool: it Fotor, a platform that allows you to edit photos, create collages and even designs from scratch, so it is perfect for those who are still starting with editing and design and not yet They can invest in a professional tool.

Of course, among its functions is also the one that concerns us today so that you can take advantage of it.

It also has a pro version with many more features and better features.

2. Remove BG

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Remove BG is a popular tool when talking about removing a free online image. Its main attraction is that it does it automatically, and in a few seconds, it is a wonder of a free tool.

Easy to use, efficient, and fast. To upload an image, you can drag it, upload it from your computer or even simply copy the image or the URL with Ctrl + V.

3. Clippingmagic

Clippingmagic is a tool that allows you to upload photos or import them from a URL, it’s that easy!

Its main feature and what makes it so unique is that it does everything practically automatically, you just have to upload your file to the platform, and it will take care of removing the background in no time, it seems magic.

The only drawback is that, to eliminate the slight watermarks that you return, you have to pay a subscription, but it is undoubtedly one of the best tools on the list.

4. Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor is a tool a little more complete than the previous ones since it is an editor that also allows you to eliminate what you get from the image.

All you need is to select the option “make the background transparent,” and you can remove the background from your image.

5. Befunky

Befunky is another excellent tool to remove funds entirely and very easy to use.

It is excellent for those who want to create Online logos or product images for the catalog.

It also gives you the option to change the original background to a solid one.

It even has other exciting tools that you can try.


PIXLR is another page with a quality similar to that of Clippingmagic, but in this case, it is free.

Of course, to take advantage of all the tools that PIXLR can offer you, you can pay a subscription, but if it is only to remove the background to an image, you can do it for free and without downloading anything.

7. EasyPhotoEdit

This time it is not a page if not a Chrome extension that you can use to edit and remove photos, you only need to install the EasyPhotoEdit extension and, in this way, you can select any file you want from this browser

8. is an alternative to the first option in the list, the name of the tool is similar, and its operation is practically the same, so it does not matter which of the two tools you use for this purpose.

It is easy and fast to use; it perfectly fulfills its function.

9. Photopea

Again we add to the list a photo editor such as Photopea, which includes many functions.

Among them, of course, is one that makes it possible to remove backgrounds quickly and easily.

It’s having a Photoshop on a website, although not as complete, of course.

10. Background Burner

We continue with Background Burner, a reasonably efficient alternative that automatically and quickly can “clean” your photos and make it more suitable for any minimalist and straightforward project.

It also has a professional version that allows you to do batch work, saving a lot of time, perfect for SMEs and electronic businesses of any kind.

11. EditPhotosForFree

EditPhotosForFree is a completely online and free tool that allows you to make different types of editing to your images from the browser.

It is easy to use, and its functions are quite intuitive, as they explain themselves in their tutorial or infographic that I show you.

12. PhotoScissors

Remove Background  From Image,remove background, remove bg, remove bg from image, remove image bg

This is another perfect tool. PhotoScissors do all the work for you; you just need to upload the image, and the algorithm of this tool will do the rest, detecting the background automatically, removing it, and giving you a bottomless photo in seconds.

Very fast, efficient, and straightforward. Of the best tools for when you need to do a quick job.

13. Malabi

Malabi is an online tool specialized in removing funds from images, which makes it perfect for the list.

It is effortless to use, automated, and takes a few seconds.

It works in 4 steps:

  1. Upload the image.
  2. Preview the result.
  3. Make touch-ups in case you see it necessary.
  4. Finally, download the result.

It is perfect for more specific jobs of freelance professionals and Web designers who need a fast program and without having to outsource this task.

14. Lunapic

Lunapic is a simple Internet editor that you can use to make quick changes to your images, and if you wish, you can also remove the background to an image before editing it.

It’s free, and just upload an image and start editing it.

It is not a completely automatic process as with other tools on the list, but it is still easy to use


There is no doubt that if you entered this article with many doubts about whether it was possible to remove the background of an image in just 1 or 2 mouse clicks, from this moment, I think I have cleared those doubts.

You can also use paid tools, which will add a multitude of extra features.

However, if you were just looking for this one, here you have plenty to choose from.