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SEO Tutorial: Things That Affect Google Ranking



SEO Tutorial Things That Affect Google Ranking

Did you know that there are more than 100 factors that affect the Google Ranking of your blog or website, guys?

You need to know that that’s why the competition on the first page of Google is so tight and challenging to achieve, especially for beginner SEOs.

Why should it be that much?

Because Google deliberately has many assessment factors so that it can be fair and prevent manipulation, guys.

But fortunately, you don’t have to meet all the factors on the Google Ranking to get the first rank; why?

Because the 200 Google Ranking factors are not all the same weight, Guys. So you don’t need to be confused and feel inadequate.

You need to focus your SEO strategy on the main factors that most influence Google’s judgment.


Before knowing what we will explain, it’s good to know that the Google Algorithm is constantly updated and perfected. The factors or things that we provide can also change at any time.

This factor or thing is indeed the main one to affect Google Ranking, but if there are changes in the future, we will update it.

1. ​Quality of Article Content

The first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the content; Guys, why?

In 1996, Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said, “Content is King.” 24 years later, his words are still actual. In Google’s eyes, content is the King that comes first.

Having quality content is the most influential thing in Google Ranking Guys.

It’s so important, if your website meets many factors but doesn’t have quality content or the content is careless, then your website still won’t get ranked one.

You need to know that the content’s quality factor can be said to have been closely related to Google’s mission.

Google itself was created with a purpose, to provide useful and easily accessible information for everyone. If the content is careless, it means it won’t be helpful, guys.

2. Mobile Friendly

Well, you know that nowadays, most people use smartphones the most. Even 52.2 percent of website traffic comes from mobile devices or smartphones, you know, guys.

Because of this, Google implemented a new algorithm in 2018, namely the Google Mobile-First Index.

The latest algorithm prioritizes website performance on mobile devices rather than on Guys’ computers.

With this algorithm, the website is heavy when opened and has an irregular appearance when accessed via a smartphone.

Then the website’s ranking will considerably fall or disappear; even you have to say goodbye to One Page Google.

Therefore, you are required to optimize your website so that it is friendly for mobile devices. If you want to have a mobile-friendly website, you can read the following article – Mobile-Friendly Compulsory Website.

3. Website Speed

It’s not just Mobile-Friendly, guys. You also have to have good speed for your website.

Because if your website is slow, the visitors will feel annoyed and don’t want to revisit your website.

With this, Google understands very well. Google is aware that people want to get information quickly and don’t want to take a long time to see the rotating loading.

So Google prioritizes Websites with good speed to appear on the first page of Google.

Therefore, you must immediately improve the website in the way that we have made it, guys.

4. Backlink

On this one factor or thing, we explained in the previous article. Backlinks are links posted on other websites that point to your website. The more backlinks, the more your website is considered necessary, helpful, and trustworthy.

With your quality website, other websites don’t hesitate to make you their role model. This is why backlinks are one of the most influential factors in Google Ranking.

But guys, you also have to be careful with backlinks, not only content that has to be of high quality. You should not arbitrarily receive backlinks from perfunctory websites.

You must have relevant backlinks and come from trusted websites with stable traffic.

5. Search Intent

Maybe some of you don’t know what Search Intent is. In short, search intent is what the user is looking for on Google.

For example, if a user searches for “How to Live Betta,” he is looking for a good and correct way/guide for betta livestock tips. It’s not about the history or origin of betta cattle in Indonesia.

With this, you have to make sure that the discussion follows the user’s search intent if you want to create content.

To find out, you can do keyword research. First, we also have a guide article on – Learn SEO Until Good Part 4: Time for Your Keyword Research!

Maybe by reading this article, you will know what affects Google Ranking, happy learning, and trying. Hopefully, this article can be helpful to you guys.