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Social Media Marketing: 4 Tips



Social Media Marketing: 4 Tips

Let’s start immediately with a fundamental affirmation: social media marketing is essential for those who want to communicate online.

From large to small companies, to those who take care of their personal branding, to historic communication agencies, to those who want to become a freelance in the world of digital communication, social media marketing is a must.

In 2012 I was already talking about how companies were facing this ongoing change, from a traditional company and communication to a 2.0 company and participatory communication. Yes, participated because the new social platforms have revolutionized the way companies manage their communication and even the way companies create their products. The contact and confrontation that exists between the company and the consumer has become daily and especially the public and immediate. Social networks allow everyone to express their ideas without filters and this can be an advantage for those who understand the logic and learn to exploit but a big problem for those who do not understand the revolution in progress and instead continue according to its old model of communication.

Doing social media marketing activities requires different knowledge in the web environment that the social media or community manager must have in order to play the role in the best way.

Let’s see together 4 fundamental tips for those who deal with social media marketing and in particular take care of the online communication of small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on the Facebook and Instagram channels :

1.Create a clear and consistent visual brand identity

I often see pages with covers, profile pictures, and content set up and left to chance. No. It will seem trivial but instead, it is the basis from which to start. Make sure you have everything in order, between the various social channels there must be correspondence to be identified more easily by those looking for you. Make sure all the tabs on the page are set up correctly, create netiquette (set of accepted behaviors to regulate your community’s activities) and make sure you have a clear username, brand name where possible if brand + official name (or similar is already occupied) )

2.Create an effective editorial strategy

What does an effective editorial strategy mean? It means understanding exactly what kind of people your audience is made up of and choosing topics to cover in line with their interests. That said it seems an easy thing right? Start with the buyer personas and good luck🚀

3.The container is as important as the content

This is something I always say during my training courses. Choosing the right format to convey the message is very important. You have to be able to choose the right format: video? photo? article? something more interactive? And if you then choose the video, for example, ask yourself: in what size? Music yes music no? Subtitles yes or no? Obviously, always choose a vertical format and insert subtitles when it comes to a video, remember that today traffic is purely mobile so … think “Mobile Only”.

4.Hashtag, let’s dispel this doubt

Connecting the two channels and automatically publishing Instagram posts on the Facebook page is a digital suicide. Never do something like this, each channel has its own mood and its own way of communicating, the logic of Instagram is different from that of Facebook and people also expect different content. On Facebook, if you want to use hashtags when sharing a post that’s fine but limit the use to 2 to max 3 hashtags. For Instagram, start with manual scouting and create 3 shots of selections of 10 or 15 hashtags to use in turn on your content

These are the 4 useful tips to start approaching social media marketing in the right way. As I told you, for those who want to do this job professionally, there is a need for daily training and above all made up of people who really do this job every day and can give you that useful tip of those who have faced a problem and found a solution.