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The Best Royalty-Free Music Libraries For Your Videos And Digital Projects



Are you looking for free music for videos or background melodies for your audiovisual projects? If you dedicate yourself to podcasting, do video marketing, or need audio tracks with which to set the digital content of your social media strategy, today, I will show you where you can find them more easily.

At present, knowing where to find sound elements to use in your projects without having copyright or use rights problems is complicated. Therefore, it is widespread that some of your audiovisual content is blocked in networks because of the song that sounded in the background.

Where to download free background music for videos?

Taking into account the sensitivity of this topic, in this guide, I wanted to collect the best royalty-free music banks, both for videos and for any other type of digital content you need to create.

In all of them, you can find a wide variety of styles and genres, so it is practically impossible that you do not get something that more or less suits what you need.

The 14 best free music banks for YouTube videos, podcasts and other digital projects

As for advice before starting, always remember to use clues from these authorized banks like the ones I will mention in this article since a song with a copyright can easily ruin your project if you have not asked for permission or the author’s consent.

1. YouTube Audio Library

Let’s start with the most obvious option, the YouTube Audio Library. This is one of the main options you should consider if you create content for this platform.

It is the first option to look for since this free music library for videos is explicitly designed for the creation of tracks on this platform, so you will not have any problem using the one you get here, which already You know they can be a bit “heavy” on the subject of copyright.

Audio Library, despite what you can hear, has excellent options, not being free means that the tracks you find there are of poor quality.

On the contrary, it even has very varied sound effects that open up a range of possibilities when it comes to making new content for this platform.

2. Facebook Sounds Collection

Facebook Sound Collection is the same as the previous one: a section of your Creator Studio, where you can find royalty-free sounds.

Again, as with the previous post, if your goal is to create and edit Online videos for this social network, I recommend you try searching here before anywhere else since it is specially designed for this platform.

They have a great variety, and everything is very well organized, you will have no problem finding what you are looking for quickly. The best thing is that you will be able to avoid many problems with Facebook copyright, something that often bothers many content creators, perhaps even more than on YouTube.

3. Purple Planet

Purple Planet, or Purple Planet, is a library that has a wide variety of audiovisual content and you can choose whether to download it for free in MP3 format or pay for better audio quality and the possibility of using it for commercial reasons.

Its categories range from inspirational to dedicated to children, so there is quite a bit of where to take — an excellent place to start looking.

4. Audionautix

Audionautix is the “mecca” of free music for videos on the Internet. Everything you get in this library is duty-free and free of charge.

That is why you will not have any problem using it in your projects, regardless of their purpose.

It should be noted that everything you find in this library is the work of Jason Shaw, so you will undoubtedly find unique and rarely used practices; don’t forget to give him the credit he deserves for his excellent work.

5. Mobygratis

Mobygratis is an excellent platform and also very handmade, which adds that point of originality that you might want to give to your Online projects.

As with the previous application, it comes from the same composer: «Moby», who makes available his works for independent freelance creators, students and anyone who wants to create a nonprofit clip.

It has more than 200 tracks, and the platform is continuously updated.

6. Free Music Archive

As the name implies, Free Music Archive or simply FMA is a platform where composers can upload their royalty-free audio so that other content creators can use them in their different professional projects.

There is an excellent variety of styles and genres, and it is one of the best libraries of free tracks that you will find in the list of this post.

7. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best-known songs and audiovisual platforms in general in the world. I already talked to you in my blog in detail some time ago and perhaps the best known of this guide.

In it you will find a vast number of artists who are continually uploading new songs, making it one of the best platforms to search for free music for videos, and you can even get in touch with an author of your choice and agree on entirely original content.

8. FreePD

FreePD is a page that takes you very seriously about offering audios for free, to the point where they explicitly allow you to use it for virtually any project you have.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your YouTube channel, Facebook, movies or even applications and games.

A great alternative to finding those clips that would give a unique appeal to the project in which you have been working for months. You don’t even have to give credit if you don’t want to, although it never hurts to attribute them.

9. Musopen

Musopen is a platform where music is free, with its slogan “Set Music Free “, this bank shares a wide variety of music, books, recordings and even scores.

Therefore, if you are a musician or know any, you can even get original songs that you can then play to create unique tracks for your videos or podcasts.

I recommend Musopen if you want tracks that are not repeated with those of other projects or companies, as this is a platform more unknown to the general public.

10. NoiseTrade

Art, in general, has always been a complicated market for independent authors, and NoiseTrade knows it.

In this platform, you can find thousands of artists willing to share their audios, and with whom you can get in touch to collaborate, something like what happens with Sound Cloud, since both pages have real «jewels».

In NoiseTrade you will also find books and other quite interesting content.

Even so, it is the right place if you are interested in looking for new artists that you can also collaborate with.

11. Bensound

Bensound is a platform where you can find a wide variety of sounds for your audiovisual projects.

In it, a group of artists are dedicated to the creation of free music to set videos that have excellent quality. Also, they have recently begun to accept content from external artists, so their library has expanded considerably both in quantity and in variety.

Something that should be noted is that Bensound has specific conditions for the use of its music, for example. However, you can adapt your songs to go well with your project; it is not possible to create a new song based on one that you have downloaded from your platform, nor do any remix.

Another essential condition is that if you make videos for Facebook, you cannot register them on Facebook rights, as this would prevent other people from using these songs freely.

12. Icon8

Icon8 is an alternative that you can use to download a wide variety of free audiovisual content. However, it has a drawback: the free options offered are available only for non-commercial use.

To have them free of licenses and use them as you like, as you can imagine, you will have to pay. Even so, it is still a reasonably economical alternative compared to acquiring the rights to other songs.

It should be noted that the quality of the audios you find here is exceptionally exceptional it is undoubtedly one of the best libraries, once you forget the fact that you have to pay for the commercial use of its tracks.

13. Soundstripe

Soundstripe is a platform dedicated to the dissemination of royalty-free material, but unfortunately, it is not entirely free, since it requires a subscription to the platform.

Of course, you will find an unlimited amount of tracks that you can freely use in your audiovisual projects.

A curious fact is that you can get free audios when you register and access the platform for the first time so that you can take advantage.

14. Partners In Rhyme

To finalize this list of free music banks for videos we have Partners In Rhyme, a platform where you will find one of the most varied records of copyright-free elements so that you can use it in your videos or podcasts.

Also, this website includes sound effects, so it is quite complete. The best thing is that it has no cost, like the rest of the ones I have presented to you before. It is very well organized, whether by types such as songs, sound effects or even ambient sounds.

As a complement, before finishing this article, I would like us to review together with the concept of freedom of use rights since sometimes it sounds a bit abstract:

What do we understand by “royalty-free music”?

Before using any of the banks to download aforementioned copyright-free audios, I want us first to review together what we understand by royalty-free music, what exactly is it and what is the difference with the rest?

With this, we understand that copyright is a set of regulations whose objective is to protect the integrity of a work and the author’s property over it, as well as granting the respective credits and royalties that a creator deserves for his work.

The latter is what is known as “Copyright.”

So what is royalty-free music?

The royalty-free audiovisual material is one that does not have copyright. Generally, this type of material has been created with the idea that it can be shared, distributed and modified without having to pay the author for it.

Also, commercial use is allowed. This type of “free” rights, so to speak, is also known as “Copyleft.”

It should be noted that, although the “Copyleft” is free for distribution and modification, it is still necessary to give credit to the respective authors of the works you use, since this is a moral right that the author has and which does not it can be transgressed under any circumstances, even in the case of “royalty-free” songs or audios.

Now, knowing this, you can use any of these free music platforms for videos, podcasts, etc.

Surely, if you were looking for sounds to set some of your projects, you will want to save this article in bookmarks or favourites, since for now, you have free banks to choose from.

As you can see, it is merely a proper search among the categories that each digital platform offers you and gives you the best fit with the type of podcast or business you intend to start Online.