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How To Transcribe Audio To Text? Best Free Online Programs



How To Translate Audio To Text,speech to text,voice to text

Has it ever crossed your mind to be able to transcribe audio to Text? Do you think that this is a utopia or that you can only do it with expensive tools within reach of individual pockets?

Let me tell you that, contrary to what you think, being able to convert your voice to content in text format is not only possible, but you have many free and online programs at your disposal.

Some Apps are also capable of passing audio to Text just by giving you access to your mobile’s microphone.

This makes Marketing professionals and Bloggers much more comfortable, as in my case, it is now possible to write a post (or part of it) without almost hitting a key on our computer.

If you want to know all these digital tools, the list begins here!

Table Of Contents

  1. Text From To Speech
  2. Voice dictation from Google Docs
  4. Talktyper
  5. NCH Software
  6. SpeechLogger
  7. oTranscribe
  8. Bear File Converter
  9. SpeechNotes
  10. Speech To Text
  11.  iPhone “Notes”
  12. Voice Notebook – Continuous Speech To Text
  13. Live Transcribe

Text To Speech Converter

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The best programs to transcribe audio to text Online

We already entered the matter; what I want to tell you is that to use most of these pages, you must have a microphone and use the Google Chrome browser.

This top does not have a specific order, so neither tool is better than the other. If not, each one has its functions.

Choose the one that best suits your needs:

1. Text From To Speech

How To Transcribe Audio To Text? Best Free Online Programs

We started this list with Text From To Speech, and not by chance since it is characterized by being an elementary program to use, and that in just a few minutes you can have your texts from your voice.

Besides, it has the function of:

  • Saving the text in .txt (text document) or .doc (word).
  • Print the Text.
  • Send the content to an email.

It is a digital program that meets basic needs and that, as I have just mentioned, can be used by anyone, as it does not require that you have technical knowledge.

2. Voice dictation from Google Docs

How To Translate Audio To Text? Best Free Online Programs,Voice dictation from Google Docs

We already know that we can use voice searches to find what we want on the Internet. And with the same Google technology, “Docs” voice dictation is a simple way to transcribe audio to Text at no cost and without installing anything on your computer.

This alternative allows the tool to write the text as you speak and, subsequently, make the corrections, since there may be some minimal discrepancies.

To use it, you’ll need to open a Google Drive text document.


How To Translate Audio To Text? Best Free Online Programs,

If you use for your transcriptions, you will be able to take notes automatically, while you attend to your teacher, to name just one of its utilities.

Also, just with the microphone of our PC, Mac, or even from the mobile, so you can use it as a daily tool in the university or training school.

After recording, we can do the following:

  • Publish the Text on the Internet.
  • Post your speech to text conversion in a message to your Twitter account.
  • Send it by email.
  • Print and save the file in PDF format or on Google Drive.

4. Talktyper

How To Translate Audio To Text? Best Free Online Programs,talktyper

Talktyper is a complete tool that gives you identical texts to what is spoken through your microphone.

We need to start talking, and the program will start writing for you. That easy!

Besides, you can translate into several languages, share your Text with your contacts, and print them.

An excellent tool and one of my favorites.

5. NCH Software

How To Translate Audio To Text? Best Free Online Programs,nch software

In this case, it is a free program in its preliminary version, which gives you many possibilities so that we can consider it as one of the most powerful in this list.

You can vary the speed of transcriptions from your voice to Text, it is compatible with other audio conversion tools, and you can also make modifications with professional pedals.

Although the latter is a more suitable option for those who are true professionals of translations and podcasting, NCH ​​will surely not be indifferent if you try it.

6. SpeechLogger

How To Translate Audio To Text Best Free Online Programs,speechlogger

This is another excellent tool to transfer audio to Text, once we have finished generating our Text, it will give us the option to export our file to many formats as you can see in the image.

With Speechlogger, you can also share your Text to an email or print it and output it through your office printer.

7. oTranscribe

How To Translate Audio To Text Best Free Online Programs,oTranscribe

Thanks to the Online oTranscribe program, it allows us to convert your voice to texts or upload a video for the same function in several languages.

Among its benefits are that we can pause or continue playing the audio, move forward or backward, control the sound’s speed, etc.

In short, convert recorded interviews to content that you can publish on your blog if it is the case of episodes of your podcast.

8. Bear File Converter

How To Translate Audio To Text Best Free Online Programs,bear file converter

Bear File’s converter between formats is capable of transcribing texts from audio or your voice and downloading it into one of the most common text formats.

The only problem is that we cannot transcribe using a microphone; it is a tool that works wonders if we have the audio available.

9. SpeechNotes

How To Translate Audio To Text Best Free Online Programs,speechnotes

SpeechNotes is a page with similar characteristics to the ones described above, which also has a very usable and simple App.

Like the tools already mentioned, we can transcribe audio to Text without any problem.

It has a widget to the right of our screen with ” Voice commands and shortcuts, “which is very useful for speaking fluently and indicating punctuation marks.

The Best Mobile Apps With Which To Transfer Audio To Text

In this case, if you almost always go from here to there and you should carry out your transcriptions through your mobile phone while you travel, walk or while you are going to teach, here I leave you some of the applications that have most worked:

10. Speech To Text

Speech To Text is an Android App that has a relatively minimalist and easy to use interface.

It works just like if you were sending audio on WhatsApp: you hold down the microphone button, speak, and when you release, you should have been writing the desired Text.

11. iPhone “Notes”

The Best Mobile Apps With Which To Transfer Audio To Text,iphone notes

In case you do not have an iPhone type smartphone, you should look for another solution.

However, if you are from Apple, you have at your disposal a native and free App, therefore (it is installed by default) that allows you to convert everything you speak into Text.

Like the previous application, it works identically to WhatsApp, pressing the microphone and releasing it when you stop dictating.

12. Voice Notebook – Continuous Speech To Text

Voice Notebook is an application for Android mobiles that has nothing to envy to the previous free Apps or programs to transcribe audio to Text.

Its great attraction, however, is that we can use it in offline mode, but it is not compatible with some devices. This means that, unless you have a relatively new mobile model, this function may not be available in other somewhat outdated terminals.

13. Live Transcribe

Live Transcribe is similar to the previous ones. Also, you can indicate in what other languages you want me to pass it to text content.


Being able to have a free audio-to-text converter program on hand is a practical way to be more productive.