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5 Websites To Create Strong Passwords



Websites To Create Strong Passwords

You will often have heard how important it is to change your passwords usually. Not only that, but you also have to try not to repeat it in several places at once and, if possible, have nothing to do with your personal life. You know, no birthday dates or anniversaries.

The truth is that, unlike those who say these recommendations, many users continue to choose to use passwords that are not very robust and easy to guess for hackers. You know, passwords based on simple combinations, single-digit repetitions or simple words that end up being victims of most cybersecurity attacks.

Now, having to think so many passwords, and try not to forget them, can get a little uphill. Thank God, several websites can help us generate strong passwords securely so that we can use them on various sites, online stores, or any other place where you may need a password.

Here Is A List Of 10 Online Tools To Generate Strong Passwords Such As Steel

1. Secure Password Generator

As the name implies, the Secure Password Generator is a strong password generator that is very easy to use. The generator will be in charge of doing all the work practically with just one click. Of course, it gives us the option to add, if we want, a series of special characters such as symbols, numbers, use upper or lower case, among others.


At the top of the web, we find a drop-down menu where we can choose the level of strength of the password (weak, strong or indecipherable) according to the number of characters we want to include.


Another option to generate passwords without too many complications and in a matter of seconds. allows us to choose the number of passwords we want to create and the number of characters each should have. Just by clicking on the “Get Passwords” button, we will obtain a list of the generated passwords. Fast and easy.


3. Password Generator Random

Password Generator Random is also a free tool to generate secure passwords. You can generate passwords randomly by click on generate the icon, and also you can select the length of the password according to your choice.

The length of your password should be 12 characters including numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase.


4. LastPass

With Lastpass we will have a cloud-based password manager that will help us store and generate strong passwords. It has a desktop version and a mobile version.

They emphasize their enormous customization options, being able to choose the number of characters if it is more or less easy to read and if we want to include symbols, numbers, use upper or lower case.

As with other tools, this service includes a free and paid version, depending on your needs.

5. Norton Identity Safe

The creators of the famous antivirus also bring us Norton Identity Safe. It is an online password generator with the usual customization options, in addition to being able to create up to a total of 50.