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Why create a blog on your site? 5 good reasons



Why should you create a blog within your showcase site? It is not an easy thing, it requires a lot of commitment and above all perseverance.

You have to organize an editorial plan, that is a calendar of your publications, you have to keep the oldest articles under control and update them from time to time, you have to spend a few hours a week writing, or in any case, pay someone to do it for you …

Why create a blog?

The blog is considered by many to be a simple online diary, a concept that may have been true in the past, but which has now been definitely outdated.

Thanks to a blog, in fact, you can provide information of great value to your readers, help them overcome certain obstacles, teach something new, advise what is best or what are the mistakes not to make.

The blog becomes almost like a specialized magazine in a particular sector. You can customize its appearance and style as it suits the audience you are targeting, grab attention in many different ways, and make yourself known as an “expert” in the sector.

Even if you may not be or do not consider yourself as such, in the eyes of those who read your articles it is very likely that it is.

Let’s see what are the reasons for starting a blog and how you can use it to your advantage.

1. Credibility

By writing content on the topic you are concerned with, you will show that you really know what you do and therefore can be trusted.

Using the storytelling technique, in particular, you can talk about what happened to you, and how you overcame the difficulties, what solutions you found, and what mistakes you realized you made.

By telling what you yourself have faced, the reader will be able to identify with you and recognize himself in the path that you too have followed.

Inevitably, if you tell a lived experience, he will not be able to help but believe you.

“Hey, but that’s exactly what’s happening to me! Then what he says’ this guy must be really true!

2. Quality

The articles of your blog are an opportunity to provide content that will increase the quality of your site in general but also of your products and services.

By showing your attention to details, such as text structure, formatting, even spelling, you will give an impression of greater professionalism.

If you put so much care into your blog, you will surely need to be very precise and professional in the product you sell as well.

This will also increase your credibility (see point 1).

3. Increase your earnings

Why can starting a blog help you earn more?

Simply because you can promote your product.

In your articles you can provide advice, explanations, insights, which you can use to your advantage to suggest your products, your services or your affiliations.

Blogging is a very powerful tool for making money on your website by taking advantage of some healthy on-site marketing .

An example: you can talk about how to teach your dog to sit, a content that many may find useful, but meanwhile suggest the fantastic “prize” kibble that will help in the enterprise, and of which, of course, you take a commission on sales .

4. Improve positioning

By having the ability to create a lot of content linked to your main keywords, you can give Google an important signal that could soon translate into a significant advancement of positions.

The more content you have in good position, the more chance you have of attracting visitors to your site.

By improving your visibility on search engines, you will get a certain increase in traffic and therefore you will have a better chance of generating income.

5. Build customer loyalty

Why create a blog on your site 5 good reasons

Another great reason to start a blog is that it is a way to entice users to follow you.

If you regularly offer useful content to a specific niche, it is very easy for people to remember you and then come back to visit your blog, to find out what’s new and find other interesting tips, guides, updates, news.

You will start to have a certain number of followers who, satisfied with your service, will continue to contact you, even after purchasing the first product.


Now I think it’s clear why you need to start a blog. The advantages I have presented to you are all great reasons to get involved and start adding the Blog section to your website right away.